Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm posting Sara's comments about infection control...

"as for health tips (i'm the infection control nurse for our hospital so i'm chalk full of useless information!); hand wash, cover your cough and if you're already compromised do simple and smart things like spacing out your shopping. the flu virus can survive 36-48 hours on hard surfaces. and although we're hearing lots of information, H1N1 is less prevelant than the "regular" flu and it acts like all flu viruses. i'm interested in that ginger business though. what kind of ginger do you use?"

Thanks for the information Sara ... I use regular ground ginger that's found in any grocery store for the ginger baths or foot soaks. Something else I'm doing is keeping a kettle of water on the stove that has whole cloves in it. Cloves are supposed to have an antiseptic property to them and that is supposed to help clean the air. At least in the kitchen, and the plus is, your house smells really, really cookie-good.

I was also reminded today that once you're over an infection, GET A NEW TOOTHBRUSH.

Our granddaughter Stephanie was home today with her sister Erica, she too is running a fever & coughing.
David is improving, so is my sister Pat. She's well enough that her surgery is rescheduled for next Wednesday.

Myndi & Megan are hanging in there and their Mom is doing better after giving herself some down time.

May you all stay well!!!


  1. Well, I will now be popping some Nutmeg in the kettle!
    Praying for all your family Weezy!!!

  2. I'm off to buy some ginger!!