Friday, October 23, 2009

Some glimpses into our home...
This is the small table in our bedroom ... some of my books & of course, Teddy Bears
sit where I can see them. A chair is on the right of this table for reading

Our living room a couple of years ago... I took down the hanging greenery .. too much to dust

My computer room ... scrapbooking room ...

The Fall Wreath on the front door ... I made this years ago & thought of re-doing it, but then said "No, it's fine, leave it alone" so it's up for another season

I'll post more photos later so you can see where I live...


  1. I like it!!! I would feel right at home there.

  2. Your home is very beautiful Louise. Love the drapes and decorations.

  3. Oh Louise, your house is so beautiful. It really reflects your gracious and inviting. Your office is so orgainized..another "Louise look". I don't think you could look messy if you tried!!
    I love your door wreath just as it is, I wouldn't change a thing!