Monday, October 26, 2009

More prayer requests ...

Our son David has Bronchitis, sounds miserable and can't take off work.

My sister Pat was scheduled to have surgery today but she's ill and had to cancel it. She is in danger of losing her job and needs to have this done before that happens and she loses her insurance. Pray for a quick recovery and for the surgery to be successful.

Our granddaughter Erica was taken to the doctor this morning. She's had a fever and a cough. Doctors don't think it's the flu, and I'm praying it doesn't go into that.

My nieces Myndi & Megan both have H1N1. Myndi has been sick for 8 days and Megan for 3. Myndi lives alone but Megan lives at home. My sister Kay has been taking things to Myndi, caring for Megan and she wasn't feeling too well herself late this afternoon.

We need to be praying for one another and using every precaution we can during these next few months. I'm seriously considering wearing disposable gloves when I go grocery shopping, in addition to other preventative measures. My Fred & I have also decided to do our grocery shopping every two weeks, rather than once a week, just to stay out of stores.

If anyone has any tips on staying well, let's post them. One I recommended to my nieces was to take Ginger baths...they help you feel better. Myndi's fever has been running 102-104 and after she did a Ginger bath last night, it dropped to 100. I read about this home remedy years ago. You put about 3 tablespoons of Ginger in warm bath water and soak for awhile, then shower off and go to bed. If you can't do baths, then soak your feet in Ginger water. I know it may sound crazy, but if it works, it's worth a try.

Blessings to you all and good night.


  1. Pray that all the loved ones you mentioned are feeling better.
    The ginger bath sounds good.

  2. I enjoyed the tour through your lovely Victorian Home. I too, cherish the things that belonged to my Gramma's, Mama and Mom-in-Law. Things I will pass down to the girls and grandbabies.
    Praying for all those on your list...thank you for praying for Mandy. She is finally well..thank the Good lord!

  3. dear lord, i pray for david,, pat, erica, myndi and megan in their illnesses and for louise's sister kay that thou wilt give her the strength needed to look after megan and myndi.
    i pray for louise too and fred that thou wilt show them that thou art very near to them and that they will feel that the name of the lord jesus christ..amen