Monday, February 16, 2009

Hi folks, may this find you all well. I am improving and grateful for each good day I have. Of course I'm grateful for all my days, but the healthy ones make everything so much easier.

I have something to share with you ... I mentioned recently my reading books by John Eldridge and how much I enjoyed them. Well, after a 'check' in my spirit, I've done some research on Mr. Eldridge and was surprised to learn his teaching isn't as Scripturally sound as I thought it was. Here's what I found on a respected web site:

"Eldredge is likely the most popular proponent of the heresy known as Open Theism. Certainly his reach is far greater than the theologians who teach this. Open theism is the belief that God is only partially aware of what is going to happen in the future. When He looks into the future He sees the possibilities that will arise and may even know the consequences of those possibilities, but He does not know which option we will take. Thus when God formed Adam and Eve and told them not to eat of the tree, He sat back and waited eagerly to see what they would do. He was surprised and dismayed when they ate of the tree and immediately set about forming “plan b.” If we look at the Bible, then, we see a God who is vulnerable and nearly helpless, continually waiting for people to respond and hoping that they will exercise their free will in a way that will please Him."

I found this article at and you can go there to read the article in whole. And it's not just this site that has concerns about Mr. Eldridge, there are others and you can find them by doing a search of John Eldridge and his theology.

Why do I bring this up? Because I'm concerned about what I read and what I recommend to others to read. I did glean some good things from the two books that I read by Mr. Eldridge, but it's important for the day we're in to be able to clearly identify the eternal truth of Scripture from what makes me feel good now. I will take the good I've learned and leave the rest and I will not recommend his books to anyone else.

A former pastor of ours, and some of you out there know him, Pastor Mitchell, said this years ago: "Rat poison is made up of 98% grain ... it lures animals so they'll eat it, not knowing that the 2% will kill them". So it goes with what passes as Biblical today ... enough grain to make us feed on it, and we're not even aware that the poison it contains can kill. I'm open to discussion on this and trust you know I speak of it because I'm concerned for the well-being of our souls.

Blessings to you all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I am thanking the Lord for His mercy tonight. I had my first appointment with my new lung doctor this afternoon and before I saw her I had to had lung function testing done. I have been concerned that function levels could have reduced due to the increase in Bronchiectasis. Praise the good Lord, my lung function hasn't changed since my last test which was done about 6 months ago. What a blessing!

Also, I truly like my new doctor. She's a positive person, with a big smile and a warm handshake. We reviewed my current course of treatment and medications and she said I'm doing all the right things. She told me to live as healthy a lifestyle as I can and to stay out of crowds, especially during the winter months. She said she knows this is difficult because we live such enclosed lives during winter; but, for my well being, I need to avoid being in confined places with lots of people as much as I can. I can do that. I truly can. I can let my church family know that while I love them a lot, we'll need to keep our distance for awhile on Sundays. We Christians are usually kissy-huggy people aren't we? Well, that will need to change for me, at least 'till winter's over.

I thank each of you for praying for me. This has been another journey of counting it all joy and trusting the good Lord to work things for His glory and my good.

My love to each of you. God willing, I'll write more later this week.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I've not fallen off the planet Ladies ... just busy with other things this week and resting a lot. I'm still short of breath and congested but have an appt. with lung specialist on Monday afternoon.
Went today for phlebotomy ... thankfully the nurse was able to get 500cc of blood in one vein! That is an exceptional blessing. I basically have just one vein strong enough to get that much blood and it's on the side of my right wrist. I am always grateful that I'm there so they can take something out, not put something in, because I go to the cancer center to have phlebotomy's done. Others there were getting chemo today. There's always something to be thankful for, isn't there?
Now I'll go read your blogs & check up on you all and then go to bed.
Blessings to you!