Monday, May 31, 2010

Prayer need

Please pray for Shawna & her daughter Ashlynn. My Mom called this evening after talking to Shawna's mother ... Ashlynn had a seizure. Please pray for her health. She has a debilitating illness that shortens one's life span.

Also pray for Shawna's parents. They want to sell their home & move to a larger one so that Shawna & Ashlynn can move in with them.

Thank you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Azaria Update

This is the latest update on Azaria. We appreciate your prayers for this young girl.


Yesterday I received news from the hospital. Azaria had responded to reflex tests, moving her limbs slightly when prodded. She also opened her eyes momentarily. Also, she is beginning to breathe on her own, though the respirator is assisting her breathing. These are good signs, but the doctors were keen to stress that her condition is still critical. The swelling on her brain is increasing, and the tube to drain the fluid on the brain was dry yesterday morning requiring the doctor to manipulate it to the area in the brain where fluid is collecting.

The Infectious Disease Specialist is 95% sure that she knows which fungus is affecting Azaria, and strong treatment is being administered to combat the strongly suspected fungus, while monitoring the condition of the kidneys, as they can be affected by the strong medication. This specialist cautiously gave Azaria a 20% chance of some form of recovery.

Today, Azaria's condition is much the same. She opened her eyes, but was not focusing, and closed her eyes again. The doctors say that she remains in a coma.

Edwina's two other sisters will arrive soon from South Africa. And tomorrow, the family will move to an apartment nearer to the hospital.

Thank you for your continued prayer. God's peace is here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Wrath of God

America follows Europe's lead, and as God has blessed the USA greatly with material blessings, we have become more and more hardenend in our thanklessness. We focus upon ourselves, our needs, and revel in our sins. Yes, of course the church has failed to clearly preach the gospel, clearly call for repentance, choosing a man-friendly version of "preaching" that allows you to avoid the scandal of the gospel. But a healthy, thriving church is a blessing on any nation, and the fact is, a nation in love with itself and at war with God does not deserve the blessing of a sound church. The two are intertwined. I truly believe that what we are seeing today with the perversion of marriage, the exaltation of deviancy, etc., is not what will bring the wrath of God, it is the wrath of God.
- Dr. James White

Monday, May 3, 2010

Prayer Need ...

The following comes from missionaries that our church supports in Thailand. Please pray for this young girl and her family. Thank you!

May 3, 2010
Dear Friends and Family,

We are asking for your prayers concerning friends of ours that are missionaries here in Thailand. Their daughter - 14 year old, the same age as our daughter Hannah was admitted in the hospital about a week ago and since then the family has seen her condition only worsen. This is an update that a friend just sent to us so that we would continue to pray for her. Please be praying with us.

Thank you,
Dan and Laurie


I know that Joseph and Edwina feel the strength of your prayers. If any of you (in Thailand) wish to send Joseph and Edwina an SMS (text message) of encouragement, their mobile numbers are as follows: (It's probably better not to call as they will probably be keeping the phones open for calls with family).
Joseph: +66827164982Edwina: +66827164983

Yesterday, was an eventful day.The doctors had hoped that by relieving the pressure on the brain, Azaria's condition would improve. However, she did not wake from the operation and remains in a coma. The swelling on her brain continues. At lunchtime yesterday, the doctor wanted to take a further CAT scan as he was concerned by what he saw during the operation. The CAT scan confirmed his fears that the fungus has penetrated the brain and has reached the brain stem. Due to this, he had to tell Joseph and Edwina that there are no further surgical or medical options remaining. Azaria has lost much of the function of her brain.

Last night, the doctors assessed Azaria's condition and concluded that she was not brain dead, though her condition remains critical. The doctor added that if she survives, she could remain in a vegetative state. At the moment, the life-support equipment is keeping Azaria alive. It has to be said that the medical staff have been excellent. They have kept us well informed, they have shown sensitivity, and they have tried a number of different treatments. Dialysis continues at regular intervals.

Today Azaria's condition remained the same, though she looked slightly more swollen. Last night, Joel (8), Azaria's younger brother came to see his sister. Joseph and Edwina described how Azaria looked and explained that she may not survive. Joel decided that he wanted to see his sister and was in the ICU room for a couple of minutes. It was not easy for him. I traveled into Bangkok with Joel today and he wanted to talk about football and the World Cup in South Africa. When we arrived at the hospital, he said he wanted to see his sister again. He spent a minute with her. Please pray for Joel. These have not been easy months for him.

At the moment, the family are staying at a guesthouse in Bangkok. The youth pastor from their church is staying there with them, and tomorrow, Edwina's sister will arrive from South Africa to be with the family.