Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Wrath of God

America follows Europe's lead, and as God has blessed the USA greatly with material blessings, we have become more and more hardenend in our thanklessness. We focus upon ourselves, our needs, and revel in our sins. Yes, of course the church has failed to clearly preach the gospel, clearly call for repentance, choosing a man-friendly version of "preaching" that allows you to avoid the scandal of the gospel. But a healthy, thriving church is a blessing on any nation, and the fact is, a nation in love with itself and at war with God does not deserve the blessing of a sound church. The two are intertwined. I truly believe that what we are seeing today with the perversion of marriage, the exaltation of deviancy, etc., is not what will bring the wrath of God, it is the wrath of God.
- Dr. James White

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  1. Wow! That last statement is an eye opener..."It is the wrath of God!" We, are reaping what we have sown by looking the other way. And not proclaiming from the rooftops that Jesus is Lord!
    God forgive us.