Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meet James ... a new friend. I met him just this afternoon at his great-grandmother's home. His Aunt called to invite me over to visit with her and her family so I took my camera and am very glad I did. His Aunt is a close friend I've known since high school. She now lives in Kentucky so we don't see each other very often. She comes from a large family, but unlike mine, all her siblings talk to one another ... at least most of the time. There are squabbles in the best of families I reckon.

Anyway, back to James. I asked him if I could take his picture and he said "Sure! I'll say cheese" and he did, more than once for more than one picture. He's a very sweet 7 year old who's had a difficult life as I learned from another of his aunts. He had been in 5 foster homes by the age of 2 when she & her husband were granted permanent custody. He's been with them for five years now and is a bit slow in learning, but what child wouldn't be with the life he started off with? His sweetness and honesty makes up for any lack he currently has.

As I took photos of this extended family I realized I've known them for 45 years. Their Dad died a year ago this month. Their oldest sister died a year ago in December. She was my age and fought cancer twice. As the oldest of eight children she was the organizer and second Mom to her siblings. Before dying she put everything on paper as to what she wanted done and even how much money she wanted her husband to spend on her funeral. He went over the allotted amount by the way, and felt a bit guilty. Had Claudia been able to speak, she would have chided him for going over budget. That's just how she was. But they loved each other for over 40 years. That's quite a testimony in today's world.

Her Mom & Dad had been married for 62 years when he died and so help me, I've never known a couple who loved as they did. When you saw one, the other was close by. She has grieved heavily since his death and I think I understand why. When you've been a part of someone for all those years, it must be like losing a part of yourself when they leave.

Before leaving I gave hugs & kisses to many of them, promised to get the pictures printed (which I did this afternoon thanks to the Internet & Walgreens) and said bye to James. He told me bye and gave me another grin before turning to ride his scooter again.

May James grow strong & healthy and one day meet a lady who will love him as his Great-Grandma loved his Great-Grandpa. May their love be strong enough to keep them together through any storm of life and may the good Lord bring him to a saving, keeping faith in Christ Jesus.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Did you know that only 28% of Americans know the meaning of this noble holiday? According to a Gallup Poll, it's true. Congress has established a National Moment of Remembrance and is asking that all Americans take time today to remember the men and women who have died in the service of our country. At 3:00 p.m. today, take a moment to stop and remember those who died. And remember that their sacrifice means we get to enjoy freedom and liberty in the United States of America. This is also a perfect opportunity to remember and pray for those who are serving in our Military forces today.

Today I take time to remember and give thanks to ...

Sgt. Clyde V. Moore - Army
Winford Riddle - Army
Emery Collins - Army
John L. Collins - Army
Frances Elliott, Jr. - Army
Basil Elliott - Marines
Bill Elliott - Air Force
Rodney Mitchell - Navy
James Kirklin -- Air Force - Leaves July 1 for Iraq
John Wm. Mitchell - Army
Ballard Mosley - Army
Lee Holloway - Marines
Emmit Colon Adams - Died in Vietnam, 1966
Larry Maggard - Died in Vietnam, 1968
Capt. Rick Hauck - Army
Tom Andrews - Army
Tom Gabbert - Army
Tom Royal - Army
Huston James - Army
Jerry Golden - Army
Sgt. Harold Trent - Army
Sgt. Robert Gerhardstein - Army
Robert Gerhardstein, Jr. - Navy

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We are one day closer to His return! Praise His Name!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How I appreciate my Christian sisters! You've encouraged me and given me words of wisdom that I will take to heart. I am feeling better today, breathing easier and for that I am very grateful. Not being able to breathe normally can be a frightening experience and I've learned to do my best to relax, pray and tell myself that this too shall pass. And once again, it did. I'm still not back to my 'new normal' but I'm getting there.

Things sure change as we age don't they? Energy levels wain and things that once seemed so important seem to have faded a bit. I am looking at most everything with new (older) eyes and that's not a bad thing. I need to stop and take stock more often. Being too busy hinders my doing that, but these past few days have forced me to look around once again and see what's really important.

I've decided I will soon make time to sit and talk with my friend and co-teacher at church. Let her know where I am and what changes need to be made, and as those who left comments clearly stated, when God closes one door, He opens another and perhaps it is indeed time for someone else to teach and grow! That was the thought that came last night ... perhaps my hanging on to this class is preventing someone from doing what they're supposed to be doing at our church.

I read just last night that we're to 'play the movie' ... in other words, focus on where our life is heading and ask ourselves what changes would we like to see happen ... and where do we want our lives to end up? I didn't fully understand until this morning .... I 'played the movie' and what I want, more than anything, is to stand before the Lord one day and hear Him say "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into your reward". What happens until then, only He knows for sure, but I want to live in such a way that He is glorified in all that I do, all I say and all I think.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could orchestrate all our tomorrows? Know the ending before the first scene even begins? Some folks seem to have the ability to do that. I'm not one of them. And that's okay. What I can do is be faithful to what God calls me to do and to be the person He desires me to be and trust that He is weaving my life's story like a fine tapestry and that one day I will understand the whys of His weaving in ways I didn't especially care for.

May all your needs be met in Him. May you grow closer to Him and as Psalm 119:133 says may He "Direct your steps according to His Word and may no iniquity have dominion over you".

Blessings and thanks my friends. I love you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hi Friends, I'm a bit under the weather ... lung issues / congestion, etc. I stayed home from church yesterday and felt badly because I had to call my co-teacher on Saturday to tell her I most likely wouldn't be there. She seemed to understand, even though I woke her up that morning! I just assumed everyone in this part of the world is up and at 'em by 10am on Saturday morning ... not so ... and, as my Fred keeps reminding me "Don't assume anything". She's up very early 6 mornings out of 7 so she deserves a chance to sleep late when she can. Years ago I could do that ... sleep late that is. I wonder what happened to change it?

I am in a time of life that I'm not sure just what's going on ... anyone else out there feel like that? I'm wondering if I should stop teaching children ... I feel badly because I miss so much due to health issues and don't feel it's fair to the kids. My co-teacher assures me she's grateful for whatever time I can give but how do you know if and when it's time to leave an area of ministry? There are times I feel overwhelmed in preparing for class and that only adds to the stress this body already deals with.

I'm also convinced that the less I have in this house to clean the better I'll feel about it and about me. So, the past week I've been sorting and throwing away and have a give-away bag ready for Purple Heart this week. I read a book last week about clutter & cleaning and the author said we not only have it in our physical areas, we can clutter our brains too. I want that to get a good cleaning out also. What do I spend my time thinking about? Good and honorable things as Scripture says? Or things of this world that aren't in my power to change? Far too often it's the second and that needs to change. I must let go of what isn't mine to worry about (which is just about everything) and pray and trust the good Lord to handle all of it.

I suppose I'm just facing the fact I only have so many hours and days left on this earth and I want them to be ones that glorify the Lord. I don't want to be bogged down with taking care of 'stuff' vs. helping people. I don't want to mentally carry around all the baggage the world throws at us either. I can't change Pres. Obama, but I am obligated to pray for him and there are times I don't even want to do that! All the more reason to pray though.

I spent yesterday resting ... and it felt so good not to have to 'do' anything, not even cook. We ordered food and my dear husband picked it up.

Thanks for listening to my babbling today ... I appreciate you all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Apparently I've been tagged by Trish ... and I'm to name 6 unimportant things about myself ...


#1. I can take things way too serious for my own good
#2. My fingernails are now short and if they're polished at all it's with clear polish
#3. I cut my own hair 99% of the time
#4. Gingerbread is a gift meant to be enjoyed, daily if at all possible
#5. Reading is 'fun'damental to me
#6. I don't, as is DO NOT, like to cook but I realize it must be done if we're to eat ... I do like to bake!

Now who shall I tag? Mrs. Mac, Kellerbell, Amrita, Jeanette, Carol Ann & Deb

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom, age about 22

Mom with me and my brother George, I was 4 and George was 2

Mom just a few years ago ... she's 80 now and one of the most vibrant women I know. I am blessed to have her for my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I realize that many who read this are folks who have come to faith in Christ; but, for those who haven't, I have a question for you...

If you died tonight, where would you go?

We all have an eternal destination and this very minute, we're all headed to one place or the other. Once we take our last breath here, we will immediately either be in the presence of the Lord Jesus, or we'll be in darkness, awaiting God's judgement.

The decision is yours to make and now is the time to make it. Don't wait for tomorrow, or later on ... we may not have the next hour, let alone tomorrow.

In order to be delivered from the wrath of God, you must repent of your sins and put your trust in Jesus Christ, and you must do so now. "Today is the day of salvation," the Bible says. It's not something to put off 'til a more convenient time. You repent as much as you know how to repent, and you trust as much as you know how to trust.

If you haven't come to faith in Christ, I beg you to give thought to what that means. It means we 'believe' and believing means we come to God as sinners, recognize that Christ died for us and arose, and trust in Christ alone to save us. The best word to convey what the Bible means by believe is the word trust. Trusting Christ is not merely accepting intellectually that a person named Jesus Christ died on a cross and rose again. It is acknowledging that He alone is my only way to heaven. Trusting Christ is the means through which we appropriate His gift of eternal life.

All of us are sinners. The punishment for that sin is death and eternal separation from God. Jesus Christ satisfied the anger of God against our sin by taking the punishment we deserve and rising from the grave the third day.

I invite you now to trust in Christ alone to save you. Simply talk to Him now and tell Him you've sinned and that you're sorry and want Him to forgive you. Once you've done that, will you let someone know? You can leave a comment on this blog, or send me an email ...; but please, let someone know about the decision you've made.