Saturday, May 16, 2009

Apparently I've been tagged by Trish ... and I'm to name 6 unimportant things about myself ...


#1. I can take things way too serious for my own good
#2. My fingernails are now short and if they're polished at all it's with clear polish
#3. I cut my own hair 99% of the time
#4. Gingerbread is a gift meant to be enjoyed, daily if at all possible
#5. Reading is 'fun'damental to me
#6. I don't, as is DO NOT, like to cook but I realize it must be done if we're to eat ... I do like to bake!

Now who shall I tag? Mrs. Mac, Kellerbell, Amrita, Jeanette, Carol Ann & Deb


  1. I'm so glad Trish tagged you, Louise! It is fun to read these "unimportant" things about you. I'll have to see what I can come up with!

  2. Hi Louise, I see you v've tagged me.

    I am an unimportant person as a whole.

    Wow you cut your own hair.

  3. Must be, because we are firstborn children...that we take things to seriously...I always feel responsible, even when I shouldn't!
    Thank you for playing tag!
    Love you Weezy!!!