Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We all have an eternal destination and this very minute, we're all headed to one place or the other. Once we take our last breath here, we will immediately either be in the presence of the Lord Jesus, or we'll be in darkness, awaiting God's judgement.

The decision is yours to make and now is the time to make it. Don't wait for tomorrow, or later on ... we may not have the next hour, let alone tomorrow.

In order to be delivered from the wrath of God, you must repent of your sins and put your trust in Jesus Christ, and you must do so now. "Today is the day of salvation," the Bible says. It's not something to put off 'til a more convenient time. You repent as much as you know how to repent, and you trust as much as you know how to trust.

If you haven't come to faith in Christ, I beg you to give thought to what that means. It means we 'believe' and believing means we come to God as sinners, recognize that Christ died for us and arose, and trust in Christ alone to save us. The best word to convey what the Bible means by believe is the word trust. Trusting Christ is not merely accepting intellectually that a person named Jesus Christ died on a cross and rose again. It is acknowledging that He alone is my only way to heaven. Trusting Christ is the means through which we appropriate His gift of eternal life.

All of us are sinners. The punishment for that sin is death and eternal separation from God. Jesus Christ satisfied the anger of God against our sin by taking the punishment we deserve and rising from the grave the third day.

I invite you now to trust in Christ alone to save you. Simply talk to Him now and tell Him you've sinned and that you're sorry and want Him to forgive you. Once you've done that, will you let someone know? You can leave a comment on this blog, or send me an email ... cmoore2659@wowway.com; but please, let someone know about the decision you've made.

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  1. Thank you Weezy for this post...I know it is going to make a difference in someone's life.