Sunday, May 9, 2010

Azaria Update

This is the latest update on Azaria. We appreciate your prayers for this young girl.


Yesterday I received news from the hospital. Azaria had responded to reflex tests, moving her limbs slightly when prodded. She also opened her eyes momentarily. Also, she is beginning to breathe on her own, though the respirator is assisting her breathing. These are good signs, but the doctors were keen to stress that her condition is still critical. The swelling on her brain is increasing, and the tube to drain the fluid on the brain was dry yesterday morning requiring the doctor to manipulate it to the area in the brain where fluid is collecting.

The Infectious Disease Specialist is 95% sure that she knows which fungus is affecting Azaria, and strong treatment is being administered to combat the strongly suspected fungus, while monitoring the condition of the kidneys, as they can be affected by the strong medication. This specialist cautiously gave Azaria a 20% chance of some form of recovery.

Today, Azaria's condition is much the same. She opened her eyes, but was not focusing, and closed her eyes again. The doctors say that she remains in a coma.

Edwina's two other sisters will arrive soon from South Africa. And tomorrow, the family will move to an apartment nearer to the hospital.

Thank you for your continued prayer. God's peace is here.

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  1. Just checking in Weezy...praying for this precious family!