Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thanks for visiting Mrs. Mac and a big thank you for praying for me. I deeply appreciate it. And Trish, thanks for loving my Mom...she dearly loves you!

I had to go for additional blood work today ... talked with my hemotologist and my other dr. had ordered all the bloodwork except what he needs to know about. I'll talk with him tomorrow & we'll decide what I do next ... go in to see him or go to a vascular specialist or rheumatologist.

The Prednisone is helping my lungs but affects my ability to sleep. So, last night I did a Pat thing...prayed for all of you thru the night.

I'm going to post a rather long sermon and I ask you to please take the time to read it.

I love you all,


  1. May the Lord heal you dear Louise

  2. is such a pleasure to visit your mom. She has been a true and faithful friend to me. Love you!