Sunday, October 4, 2009

I haven't fallen off the earth ... at least I don't think I have. Our computer sort of died last Saturday, Sept. 26. We took it in for repair on Monday & got it back this past Friday evening. The tech was able to copy & restore most of what I had on here, and I had done a full back up the week prior to its death, but I'm still adjusting to some changes on this thing.
For those who know me well and send me emails ... please send one when you can. One thing that was lost & not retrievable was all my email addresses.
Honestly, the week w/o/c (without computer) wasn't all that bad. I missed checking on all my blog / facebook friends and I missed updating our church blog, but it was a good experience. I didn't panic when I learned it was dead but could be semi-revived. And I didn't panic when I was told the cost to bring it back. Cheaper than buying new, and it is basically new anyway. Motherboards & CPU's don't last forever, but then, what does? US if we know Christ!
Just thought I'd check in ... like Kelly said in one of her posts, facebooking can replace blogging if we let it. I check in there once in a while but for me, blogging is better.
Will go & get me ready for bed. Morning comes early.
Love you all.


  1. Hi Louise good see you back.

    Machines are such a hassle at times.

  2. Glad to hear from you Weezy and to hear everything is up and running again!