Monday, October 26, 2009

This is Rocky ... laying against our son's feet...

Erica holding her new puppy

Stephanie cried when she saw who her folks had brought home...

In all his newness ... Rocky Moore...8 weeks old
Rescued by our son & his wife

Rocky came to our house this morning while Jane took Erica to the Dr.
He's a snuggler, very calm and mellow. I thoroughly enjoyed having him here.
He's small enough that I cradled him in my sweat shirt & carried him around.


  1. Rocky is such a darling. I want all dogs to remain pupies they are so cute hat that stage.

    Pray Jane is feelng better

  2. i LOVE him! he's so tiny i think donny could carry him around in his floppy hound dog cheeks! been enjoying your home tour pics and praying with you for all the requests you've shared. as for health tips (i'm the infection control nurse for our hospital so i'm chalk full of useless information!); hand wash, cover your cough and if you're already compromised do simple and smart things like spacing out your shopping. the flu virus can survive 36-48 hours on hard surfaces. and although we're hearing lots of information, H1N1 is less prevelant than the "regular" flu and it acts like all flu viruses. i'm interested in that ginger business though. what kind of ginger do you use?

  3. hi louise,
    thank you for your visit to my blog and i am glad that you like the song..

    this rocky fellow, i know is going to be a blessing to you.
    he looks so small and frail but pretty soon i just bet he will be running all over the place!
    louise, please take care though and don't be tripping over him.
    mom golden would so love to have a cat but we are so afraid that either she or dad golden would trip over it and fall!
    so in the meantime she has to just be satisfied and have stuffed kitties!
    and pictures of kitties!
    yes that sara WOULD like rocky..she is a real dog lover!
    i am glad for this report that she gave on the h1n1 flu.
    in canada they are only giving out the flu shot for that to anyone who is over 65 and to all the children.
    please take care of yourself louise.
    by the looks of reading your blog, there are so many people that love you and now there is one more guy loving you and his name is rocky!
    love terry