Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi all. Thank you for any and all prayers. I am feeling better, thank the good Lord. On my 'good' days I tend to forget how quickly illness can hit this body of mine. I also forget how painful and frightening it is not to breathe normally. Both good things I suppose. If we lived with those issues hanging over us we wouldn't get much done. At least I wouldn't.

My Fred is in Ohio this evening. He left this morning with his Mom & his niece to go to his brother's wedding. Nothing special, a simple ceremony in a judge's chambers in city hall. But a very special something for his brother's lady friend and his Mom. JR has been with this lady for years, she's good for him and for that I'm grateful. I simply wasn't up to travelling so I stayed home for some quiet time. Just the Lord and me. I'm thinking we need to do this sort of thing more often ... all of us. Find some time, carve out some space, and get away from TV and newspapers and all that beckons and just be quiet for awhile. It's been nice.

Nothing much more to say, so I'll go for now and check on all of you before closing the blog for the night.

Blessings to you all.


  1. dear louise....i saw you over at jeanette's and to me it sounds like you really love southern gospel quartets and so do i,.
    i love the booth brothers but you know what when you mentioned the primitive quartet, it brought back sweet memories to me.
    one time we went to "earl's" a place in new york where just in an open field, there was a gospel concert...if you didn't bring your own lawn chairs, it was just as good if you sat on the ground in that open pasture, listening to that glorious music..
    and that is where i first saw the primitive quartet and i loved them so and you know what lousie they were blue grass and i never thought that i liked blue grass..ha!
    my they were so godly though and so kind.
    by the time i had seen them, i was all out of money and i so longed for at least one of their cassettes and at least one signed picture.
    now, this i will never forget...the guys gave me three cassettes and a signed picture and told me their mailing address and told me just to mail the money to!!
    i don't think that any group from the world would have such trust in one of their customers, eh?
    on that same night in the open field, the florida brothers sang."jerusalem"... and the music and singing went right up into god;s heaven!
    oh it was such a great night and it seems too long since i have been to a concert ant that is why i really love you tube louise.
    i see here that you haven't been feeling the best and i am sorry for this and i also see here some of my friends that are followers of you and i see here prayer requests by you for some of them....things that i never even knew about and now i will pray for them too.
    on my blog, i am putting there for you, louise, a song..
    god bless you and let you have pain free terry

  2. So glad, to hear that you are feeling better Weezy. I too, am alone...Tom's in Bronson with Maddy.
    I agree...we do need quiet time. It calms our being and soothes the soul!
    Love you lady!

  3. We have our ups and downs don't we Louise? I guess its just one of side effects of aging! I keep you in my prayers, that the Lord would bless you with more and more good days.
    I went though my quiet time last week, no blogging...just me and the Lord, as you said. It was so good.
    love you!