Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Praise be to our God, maker of heaven and earth! He alone is worthy of our praise!

I am so thankful to let you know that this has been a day of lessened pain. The combination of Lyrica & lowered doses of pain medication seem to be working in my favor. Praise be to God!!! The pain isn't completely gone, but it's better ... I was able to once again go downstairs & do a load of laundry ... giving thanks all the while ... I once again helped clean the kitchen after dinner ... thanking God for a husband who cooks and for the ability and the energy and the desire to WANT to help. I was actually hungry and my Fred noticed and commented on it.

Pat has shared with me about her husband's dealing with neuropathy and let me know that he too takes Lyrica. That was a blessing to know as I am overly cautious about new medications.

What I am asking God is to not let me forget what I'm learning through this time of pain.

What am I learning? That He is trustworthy beyond our ability to understand. That He is patient beyond comprehension. That He desires only our good and sometimes that involves walking through dark, hard, fiery places. That He truly IS the Potter and I am the clay ... He can do with me as He pleases and I dare not whisper a complaint. That His children are His forever ... nothing will take us from His hand. That His people are a blessing and we are here to serve and encourage and strengthen one another ... never tear down or hurt or cause harm of any sort. That I am loved.

This walk of ours isn't an easy one, but it is one that's worth the walk. When we all reach Home we will have so many stories to share won't we? Once Home, I will meet some of you for the first time (other than blogs & facebook that is). I will renew friendships with saints who have already reached Home. (Jean Vallis comes to does Mary Allen & Virginia Mobley). I will see my Dad and my sister Janice. Oh we have so much to look forward to!

I shall go for now & get ready for bed. I'm still resting a lot and going to bed early.

Thank you dear ones ... thank you for praying for me ... for thinking of me .. for remembering me during your days. I love you all!


  1. As our prayer and praise is one day at a time, we will gladly accept His goodness one day at a time...that's all any of us can do. I praise the Lord for every day you have relief from pain. His mercy never fails! Love you!!

  2. Good to hear you are better. Take rest and do things slowly. Love Amrita