Friday, June 11, 2010

Counting ...

I'm counting the days until I see the specialists on Monday. And praying / hoping they will have God-given answers to the pain & other health issues I'm dealing with.

Sleep was scarce last night ... too much pain for true sleep to come, even with medication. All I know to do in these times is cry out to the Lord and then pray for those I know are dealing with health issues of their own.

I find myself wondering "what if there is no medical answer?" and then shake that thought from my mind. There IS an answer, there is always an answer if you are a child of God! Ultimately, He holds all the answers anyway. He simply uses human beings as conduits from time to time. I also find myself saying that I simply want to be able to walk without pain again ... not do sprints or run marathons, just walk without pain. Such a simple thing for most people, but for those with chronic pain the simple often becomes the seemingly impossible.

The comments from friends, new and old, are a blessing. Thank you so much for reading and for praying and for taking the time to write your thoughts. They are a sort of life-line right now. You reach out to me and then talk to our Father on my behalf. Thank you. Some of you I may never meet this side of heaven, but I deeply appreciate you and look forward to the day we will meet in our new Home, and worship our Lord together, for all eternity.

Oh friends, I'm learning that I have been selfish in ways I didn't see until this happened. At times I felt as though I had too much to do to take the time to talk gently with someone on the phone. Phone calls can be divine interruptions if we'll only take the time to see that. My sense of 'self-importance' slowly seeped into the sewer as my seams unraveled these past few days. God has allowed me to see that my 'self' is nothing to brag about and there's nothing more important than time with Him and His people. May I remember these lessons in the days ahead. May I live what I'm learning and truly be a do-er of God's Word and not just a hearer. May I put into practice what He wants me to do ... live and love and be content with what He has supplied; ever looking to heaven for His soon return. Is this the day? Tomorrow? Soon.

I must go for now & get me to bed. Hopefully this night will bring sleep. I am tired.

Thank you again. May the Lord bless you and meet each need you may have.


  1. My sweet friend...reading these posts and learning of your pain and suffering has touched my soul. God, be with Weezy...she has served you through pain, suffering and sorrow...may her weeping, last but a moment and give her JOY in the morning. I know, that you will use her brokenness to put others back together. In Jesus Name...
    I love you Weezy!

  2. I need to take more time to talk to people on the phone, especially those I know are house-bound and the elderly in my life. Thank you for this reminder, that's it's not about me and how busy I am.