Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thank You...

Thank You Father for this new day.
Thank You that Your mercies are new every morning.
Thank You for friends who pray for me.
Thank You for grace ... undescribable, marvelous grace.
Thank You for this shell that houses the spirit You made alive in Christ.
Thank You that You are at work in me and that pain is part of the process, even though I don't like it.
Thank You for Jesus' blood that covers my sins.
Thank You that nothing can take me from Your hand.
Thank You for the fan that softly whirls in the background right now.
Thank You for this computer and internet that I use to communicate with friends.
Thank You for sunshine.
Thank You for Your precious Holy Spirit. My teacher, comforter and guide.
Thank You for medication to help my health issues.
Thank You for doctors who care.
Thank You for insurance.
Thank You for my Fred who loves me in spite of me.
Thank You for my grandgirls, even the one who doesn't talk to us.
Thank You for our 'daughters' ... Jane & Wendy.
Thank You for Shawn & David.
Thank You for our church.
Thank You for those few close friends who never leave regardless of how testy we can be.
Thank You ... O my God ... Thank you that one day I will slip from this 'house' and go Home!
Thank You my Lord for You, the greatest gift I have ever been given.
Thank You that You see us through the hard places and in Your time, give us hope.
Thank You that we can rest on what Your Word says is truth, not what our emotions tell us.
Thank You that You are our Rock.
Thank You that You are our Defender.
Thank You that You ever live to make intercession for us.
Thank You that You are our Advocate.
Thank You that You give us what we need and not what we deserve.
Thank You!!
Thank You!!
Thank You!!


  1. Amen Weezy...Thank you Lord for Weezy.
    Be with her today, as she sees her Dr.'s, give them wisdom. Mostly, Lord take Weezy's pain...touch her, heal her and continue to use her for Your glory.

  2. Oh yes Louise...we can't say thank you enough!
    I will add one more...thank you Lord, for the friendship and gift of Louise!!

  3. Louise,
    I just can't stop thinking of you this morning! I am going to say a prayer for you, first of all, then I want to tell you how very much I love you as my sister-in-Christ. You are such an encourager by praying for others and living a life that honors Christ despite your trials. Your sweet, sweet heart shows through all your write.

    I also happened to notice that I hadn't updated you on a prayer request for back in Oct. of '09. Chris passed away but his sisters do believe that despite not being able to speak before he died, that he did accept the Saviour whilst listening to the pastor from his hospital bed. He was concious and wept as he was being witnessed to. Our hope is that, indeed, he truly is in the bosom of the Lord now. Please update and send thank to all that prayed for his health and his salvation.
    May blessings be poured out on you today,