Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday was a really bad day pain-wise. I keep asking myself, how do people live with this? When does relief come? What if it doesn't come?

My thoughts are scattered and I do my best to keep them in check, but when you're medicated and in pain, that's difficult to do. Lord help me, please!

My Fred bought me Ensure yesterday so I can supplement my meals with that. I know I have to eat in order to be well, but my appetite is pitifully low.

I began taking Lyrica yesterday afternoon, will take it twice daily now to see if it helps this nerve pain. Has anyone out there taken it? Do you know of anyone who did? Did it help?

Never, ever, have I been in a place like this. I would rather go Home than have to live like this. Not that I would hurt myself, but I find that Heaven looks better and better compared with what we deal with here. Perhaps that's been part of my problem ... too comfortable here ... not looking for His return ... not desiring Him more than life itself. God forgive me.

Thank you for praying for me .... I love you all.

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  1. Pain can bring us to our knees (spiritually .. if not literally) .. praying this season passes.