Thursday, June 17, 2010


Another day, praise the Lord for another day. His will be done.

I met with two neurologists yesterday. They seem to be very thorough and are attempting to find the root cause of the neuropathy. They asked if I did yard work and had I been exposed to pesticides. They ordered blood work that will check for toxins along with levels of mercury, copper, lead and arsenic. They are also looking for Lupus and Sclera-derma. These are things I never thought of but they can all cause nerve damage.

The appt. for the spinal nerve block has been set up for July 8 and hopefully that will give relief. A new medication was ordered (Lyrica) but my insurance must grant prior approval before saying yes to covering it. My doctor's nurse is working on that now. She has called me twice this morning for information.

Jacqueline, thank you for checking on me and please, pray for the home-bound and call them when you can. It means more than you can know unless you've been one who can't get out much. Trish, Pat, Amrita and all you other ladies, thank you! When the pain gets the worst I know someone is praying and that it will pass. It comes in waves and thankfully, if I lay on my back with my legs propped up, I can rest and the pain eases.

I find myself taking the time to quietly pray for those whom I know are hurting ... Hal, Bonnie, Gladys, Edie and others. I also find myself having been slowed to a near stop and resigning myself to the fact my times are truly in God's hands and He indeed orders my steps and directs my path, but I have been one to bolt ahead and rush to do what I thought was most important. Slowing down has shown me how off my sense of direction was. He is mericful and I am thankful.

I must go but before I do, I ask you to please pray for a little girl named Madeline. She is 7 yrs old and has brain cancer and is being taken to St. Jude's Hospital for treatment. My sister Linda told me about her this morning.

Thank you all again. You are deeply appreciated and I love you all.


"This is only for a season"


  1. Dear Louise,
    It sounds like your are in good hands with your doctors plans for you. Hal's neuropathy is from his diabetes, but there can be many other reasons for it. He is also on Lyrica, and our Blue Cross insurance does cover it. He has gone through theapy and done all they have asked, but remains the same. But...and this is good, it has not progressed in a while. It is also in his fingers, but not as bad as his feet and legs.

    I will lift little Madeline in prayer, when a child suffers, we all feel the pain.
    Praying with you, and for you and remembering.."this is only for a season".

  2. p.s. Praying for sweet Madeline and her family.

  3. sister Sheila has had neuropathy for years. It has gone from her feet and legs, to her fingers and now the numbness is even around her mouth. She has been to Neurologists, no real answers. Until, she went to a different Neurologist. And while looking over Sheila's medical history, she said that it could all be due to her hypo-thyroid! The Dr. changed some of her meds and she is doing better...thank the Lord!
    I pray Dear friend that the insurance approves the Lyrica and that it helps, you get relief.
    Love you bunches!