Saturday, December 13, 2008

I have laryngitis ... the worst I've ever had ... I can barely say a word that's understandable, so I've not been talking much today. That's not entirely a bad thing. I went to the dr. yesterday as this throat thing has been going on for a week, just not as severe as yesterday and today is the worst. The asthma has flared up, so I've had to increase breathing treatments (thinkin' of Elek) and was put on a Prednisone dose pack and an antibiotic.

I'm reading in the book of James, chapter 1 ... 'count it all joy when you fall into various trials' and asking myself "is this something to count as joy?" It's definitely another trial, so I guess it would fit in that category. But when I realize who the book of James was written to, tribes of people who had been scattered and would suffer persecution for their faith, my health issues seem minor in comparison. Minor or not, from what I'm reading, I need to count it all joy.

Matthew Henry's commentary on this says:
"Christianity teaches men to be joyful under troubles: such exercises are sent from God's love; and trials in the way of duty will brighten our graces now, and our crown at last. Let us take care, in times of trial, that patience, and not passion, is set to work in us: whatever is said or done, let patience have the saying and doing of it. When the work of patience is complete, it will furnish all that is necessary for our Christian race and warfare. We should not pray so much for the removal of affliction, as for wisdom to make a right use of it."

There is much for me to learn and this is but another lesson for this time in my life. May I be found faithful to truly 'count it all joy' and see what comes from this.

I hope you are all well. My best to each of you.


  1. Hi Louise, What a blessing it was to read this blog. So glad you stopped by my blog. Isn't God amazing how God puts some of us together for His Blessings. I'm sitting here with a huge smile on my face as I read between the lines and see a warrior, a strong woman of faith. I have always loved the "count it all joy" passage. What a blessing it is to meet you. Hugs..and cookies..

  2. Dearest Weezy...You are as Dawna says a warrior and a strong woman of faith. So much like your Mom,
    you never give up and are a blessing to us all!
    Praying for you Dear friend...thank you for praying for our Elek!

  3. Dear Louise hope you are feeling better.