Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And it shall, Lord willing, it shall. That's how I'm feeling about my voice problems ... they shall pass and they're here for a reason. I'm still studying in James chapter 1 and that makes all this more bearable.

I went to the Dr. this afternoon and she was a bit baffled by whatever is going on with my voice.
After many questions and an exam, she decided it best for right now to put me on an antibiotic and if I've not improved in 10 days, I will call her & she'll do an immediate referral to a throat specialist.

When all this began it was relatively easy to 'count it all joy' ... because after all, how long can laryngitis last? When days go into weeks then you begin to wonder and yet, I know that I know there IS a reason and in God's good and perfect time, this shall pass.

I'm takin' me to bed shortly; may you all be blessed. My love to you all.


  1. I love you and continue to keep you in prayer.

  2. Louise....I am still praying for your voice issues and not at all happy to hear that you're still struggling! I will double my prayer efforts!

    Happy New Year!

  3. This condition has been persistent. I do pray that the meds work for you. God certainly has your attention, eh?? I'm certain that He is directing your every step and leading you exactly where He wants you.


  4. Weezy...may you be blessed beyond measure this New Year! I pray health and strength and a loud booming voice in which to proclaim His mighty deeds!!!
    Happy New Year to you and yours Dear Friend!

  5. Thanks for this update, Louise. I am praying for your complete healing. I came over here tonight to check on you and to wish for you a very happy and blessed New Year!

  6. Happy New Year, Louise! You've been in my prayers daily. I do hope your voice will return soon but that you also receive all the blessings He has for you in the healing process.