Friday, October 31, 2008

Never in my life time have I sensed such an uncertainty about the future of America. I'm sure our parents and grandparents could tell us stories of things they dealt with in their life-time; but this is happening to us now and I'm wondering how our story-line will end. I don't know for sure.

I listened to Focus on the Family earlier today and half their program was devoted to prayer for our country and the coming election. Men of God were asking God to forgive us and to channel the thoughts of voters so that His glory might be seen once again in this country. James Dobson wept as he prayed because over 1 million babies have been killed through abortion. How dare we ask a holy God to accept us and bless us without first asking Him to forgive us the many grievous sins we've allowed to take place? Many of the mega-churches boast of the great numbers in their congregations and yet, many of those seated in church last Sunday will vote for a man and a party that condones abortion, homosexuality and perversion that begs description. How and why can do they that? I can understand the unsaved voting for such things ... but professing Christians? That I will never understand! Never!

We are at a cross-roads in history. We are closer to the end of time than ever before. A friend recently asked me if I felt the Lord was soon coming, and I quickly answered 'Yes! We're closer now than ever before.' But do I act like I believe that? Not usually. I'm too busy with 'my' day and doing what I think is necessary. Oh Father in heaven help me to realize the hour is almost here ... You are knocking at the door and many aren't ready to open it and find Who waits on the other side.

James Dobson & his wife were asking for Christians to take time this coming Sunday to fast and pray for our country and the election. Even if it's just one meal, take that time and use it to seek the Lord. I plan on doing just that. As a matter of fact, God is prompting me to make fasting a regular part of my week. Missing a meal here & there sure won't hurt me.

Another man who prayed today asked God to show us a miracle in this election. I know He can but I don't know if He will unless there is heart-felt repentance on the part of His people. May He give us mercy and not justice because none would be standing if we got what we deserved. I know He is a loving God, but He is also God who hates sin. Oh that we, His people, would hate it as much as we love other things.

I may sound like I'm ranting and perhaps I am, but folks, we are in desperate times and few seem to notice that the ship called America has begun to take on water because there are gaping holes in her foundation. How long before she sinks? This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and yet we've allowed other countries and their beliefs to overtake our own. In the city of Dearborn, Muslims have the right to broadcast their 'prayers' over loud speakers and they're heard through-out the city. If Christians attempted to do that we would be blasted as being too extreme with our religion.

May God have mercy on us. May His will be done in America and the world as it is in heaven. May He forgive us our sins for they are great. May He lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one. May His Name once again be hallowed and kept holy. May His glory be seen over all the earth and may we be ready to welcome His coming.


  1. Oh Weezy,
    We are seeing a time as never before, it would be so scarey if I didn't know that the Lord holds my future. Today at our Church "Faith Christian Assemby" we are having a 2 hour prayer meeting from Noon until 2 p.m. Outside in our parking lot a large map of America will be drawn on the pavement. People will gather on that drawing to intercede for this Nation and the coming elections. Was going to go but I have Xavier so I will be praying from home. I will join you in fasting and prayer...which we all need to do more of.
    Love you my friend!

  2. Louise,
    A heartfelt and God-honoring post. Even McCain has a voting history of supporting "pro-choice" so we need also to pray for the salvation of all our leaders - that they will be changed by our Lord before/while in office. I join you in prayer and fasting.
    xo teresa

  3. Louise...I am joining you and countless others as we uphold our nation in prayer regarding this upcoming election.

    I am believing that whatever the outcome - God's purpose will reign supreme!

  4. Hi Louise. Tonight I am catching up. You have written so many good things on here. God has blessed America for so long, and we somehow take it for granted that He will always do that. I pray that when He looks at our country, He will still find many, many who are righteous and who still call on His name.

    Blessings, my friend!