Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, supposedly, 'history has been made' ... the first African-American man has been elected as President of these United (??) States. (Are we united?) My first thought was "he's not african-american, he's bi-racial ... how can he claim to be more of one race than the other? Because the one gives him leverage that the other doesn't in today's world, that's how.

My second & third thoughts go like this: May God have mercy on us and on Obama. His winning this election goes to show us how God-denying and Bibically illiterate the majority of people in this country truly are. His winning shows us where morals lie and what the majority of people believe. A wolf is soon to enter the doors of the oval office; he no longer roams the halls of the white house, he has gained access to the highest office in that building. And who is this wolf? Liberalism at it's most extreme, that's who.

I have a question for you ... Is Obama to be considered an evil man? You be the judge: He condones abortion and leaves those babies who survive this horrendous act to die afterwards. He believes in gay rights and same-sex marriage. In my thinking, only someone without Christ as their Lord can believe in and condone these heinous sins and someone like that has an evil heart. Period. There is no justifying it. You either have Christ in your heart and live accordingly or you don't. There is no gray area.

What does this election mean for Christians? Hopefully that we will pray harder and fast more often and get seriously real about out faith and our witness to the unsaved. Hopefully this will bring us closer to our Lord and King. Hopefully this will wake us to the fact this world is NOT our home...we truly are pilgrims and strangers here. Far too many are far too comfortable with being here. Far too many are anything but Homesick to be with Christ in heaven and the New Earth that is to come.

Indeed, 'change' has come. In ways professing Christians didn't want, but perhaps need, change has come. The election result did not take our Lord by surprise, He's known this is how it would turn out for eons. He's now waiting for us to do what we've been called to do ... bask in His glory and enjoy Him forever ... be salt and light to a soon-ending world ... be about our Father's business while it is day, for night is coming when no man can work ... glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in all we do, say and think ... yearn for His coming and pray for the salvation of souls.

The Bible clearly instructs us to pray for our leaders and I will do that. They truly need the Lord. I will respect the office of president but at this point in time I cannot respect the man who will sit in that oval office next January. I will have pity on him if he doesn't turn from his sin and lead this country as our God would have him do, for he faces a greater challenge and a much bigger 'change' than he can ever imagine if he doesn't.


  1. I agree whole heartedly. It's a sad day... yet i glory in it because i know that God has everything under control and as His child. Well, i am just one step closer to Glory where I shall see His face...the face of My Saviour and King! HALLELUJAH!

  2. May the Lord give wisdom to the leaders of America to seek righteousness as Mmerican politics affects the whole world.

    Although its a great moment for non-white Americans, much prayers are needed.

  3. amen.

    Your post has inspired my post...gotta go type while it's still in my head....