Saturday, November 29, 2008

Have you ever thought you've 'cast all your cares on the Lord' and then learned you've not done that at all? That's what I experienced earlier today. We're dealing with some family problems and I thought I had turned it all over to the only One who can fix it. I was working in the kitchen and these words came to me ..."Let Me carry the load". I knew it was the precious voice of my Father and it was then that I realized just how tense I was. I gradually relaxed my shoulders and just stood for a minute, taking those words in.

Have I prayed about the matter? Certainly. Have I believed I've trusted God with it? Yes. But today showed me just how much I was carrying and how unqualified I am to carry much of anything on my own. I had taken the problem and the person into myself, if that makes any sense. I was carrying the problem and didn't know how heavy it was until I let go and allowed myself to relax.

How about you? Are you also carrying something that needs to be released to the Lord? His burden is light and I gladly give up mine for His.


  1. Over and over I have felt my burdens lifted as I let the Lord carry them for me, but like you said, first I have to give that burden to Him. Some days that knowledge is there and I automatically give it over to the Lord, other days I need a gentle reminder....just like this beautiful post. Thank you my precious sister and friend.

  2. Yes Louise i need to lay many things at the foot of the cross.

  3. What a beautiful reminder, I know to cast my cares on Him and most times do but I tend to fret...which is not good. We need to be ever listening, so that we hear that still small voice.
    I love you Dear Weezy