Thursday, November 6, 2008

I heard some disturbing news about our new president-elect this afternoon. A local talk radio host, Sean Hannity, was telling us about what is already in the works, even though Mr. Obama hasn't taken office yet.

#1. Certain democrats will push to have any and all talk radio programs that are negative to Mr. Obama taken off the air during his 4-yr tenure as president.

#2. Nancy Pelosi and other democrats are now working out a plan to take all 401K's and IRA's from individuals and put them into a national 'mutual' savings account that will be overseen by the Social Security Administration.

#3. Rohm Emanuel has been picked to be Mr. Obama's Chief of Staff. This man is an extreme left-wing liberal who has a reputation for not-so-nice tactics as his way of getting things done.

#4. People who canvassed for Mr. Obama showed up at his headquarters demanding to be paid for their work. They were each paid with a $30.00 Visa card, not cash or check so the money can't be accounted for.

As Mr. Hannity said ... we will now see who the real Barack Obama is. The teleprompters are turned off, he's won the election and we'll learn soon enough who he really is.


  1. You are right, Louise. This is very concerning, and this is a time when must be aware and be wise and trust even more in the Lord. When we have done what is right, then He will take it from there. I know there are still many, many righteous people in America, but sometimes it feels presumptuous to say "God bless America."

  2. "America, bless God."
    And let us all pray for Obama. Only the Lord can change his heart. If we truly believe this, we all need to spend everyday saying a prayer for our president. And pray that our Lord will intervene on behalf of the faithful.
    much love, teresa

    Prayer update: Chris D. is doing a bit better but his blood sugar is fluctuating so badly they have had to keep him in the hospital.

    My 2-year-old niece is having a tonsillectomy at this very moment. Her name is Gracie.

  3. I think many of us believers already know who the real Obama is...that's why we feel as concerned as we do. That is why we pray.

  4. What? No Freedom of Speech... then they will get just what they asked for...the press got this man elected...hid lots of his rude and bad behaviour. Only prayer can change his heart...Pray that the Holy Spirit falls heavily on him and that he actually feels conviction and has a conscience.

  5. Update on Gracie: surgery went well and she is home and mending.
    Thanks you. teresa

  6. Weezy...would you add Geri to your prayer list. She is in Congestive Heart Failure and needs Surgery but they are giving her blood transfusions beforehand. She has already gone through a Kidney transplant some years back.
    She has suffered alot. Geri is my Sister Pam's Sister-in-law and is only around 48 years old.
    Thank you!