Friday, November 28, 2008

Prayer need

This prayer need came in today, Friday, Nov. 28, from Teresa in Ky ... please join us in praying for this need:

"Pray today as the family of Mort Judy in Fla. as they are faced with a heart-wrenching decision about his health care. He had a motorcycle wreck about 6 months ago, developed a terrible strain of pneumonia in the hospital that required antibiotics that has shut down his kidneys. He has been unresponsive recently. Today his son and daughter are having to re-visit his living will to decide if he wanted to be taken of the machines (ventilator) that are currently keeping him alive despite brain scans showing full brain function. His son is my brother-in-law and is also currently dealing with a possible impending divorce. It's all so heart-breaking. Pray that Mort will regain enough function that there will be hope, that he will be saved before death, that his children will also be saved and their marriages blessed. Evil things have practically destroyed this family and has spread outward. They truly need Our Father's holy touch and love. Many thanks to all who pray, Teresa"


  1. Father, I come to you now on behalf of Mort. First of all, I praise You for your faithfulness and Your great love. A love that knows no limits, one beyond measure. I know that You care for this man more than anyone else does. I ask, Lord that You wrap Your arms around Him and breathe into Him Your healing breath of life. May His EKG show increased brain activity - and any sign needed to prove to his family and the medical staff that there is indeed hope for him to survive beyond a life on a ventilator. Comfort his family at this time - grant them wisdom - and draw them closer together through this. May they look to You and rely on You to sustain them - to give them the strength they need - and the fortitude to persevere. I speak healing and life into this situation and look forward to rejoicing at the report of the victory! In Jesus' precious name, Amen.

  2. Emergency prayer needed: Mort's children have been told there is practically no hope that he will be able to recover enough to be able to breathe without the ventilator, so the decision has been made (per his living will) to turn off the breathing machice on this Tues. or Wed. The only hope is that he might begin breathing miraclously on his own without the machine when they turn it off. Please pray that this will happen. Even afterwards, he will have to heal from the pneumonia and his kidneys will have to begin functioning again.

    Pray also for his children Lisa, John, and Jack who have traveled down from KY to FL to make these hard decisions during this holiday season...