Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're living in a time unlike any I've seen in my life in TV-Land. There's always a "Breaking News Report" every time the local news comes on. They used to save those for real emergencies. There's more information on so-called movie stars & musicians than necessary. What do I care if Madonna is divorcing whatever his name is? And how does it effect me that Brittany what's her name is doing something new?

And some of the TV shows are pathetic! We have more "Judge"_________ (fill in the name) shows than I care to count. I don't watch those by the way. And then 'talk' shows ... Dr. Phil; Oprah; Bonnie Hunt; Ellen (definitely do not watch her); Rachel Rae cooks & talks; and Montel of course. I don't watch any of these except ole Phil every now & again while I'm waiting for Jeopardy to come on. And that leads us to game shows: Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader;
Wheel of Fortune; Family Feud; The Price is Right; Do You Want To Be A Millionaire? (who doesn't?); Deal or No Deal. There are more but I don't know all their names.

Next we go into the cooking show area ... have mercy. There are too many to keep up with. And we mustn't forget survivor shows and American Idol and America's Got Talent and Nashville Star and Dancing with the Stars and for the love of Pete, tell me you haven't watched Red-Neck Wedding! I was going through channels the other evening and came across the most ridiculous & obscene show ... only to find out it's on most every day and people actually let themselves be made a fool of on television. My Fred told me what it was as I gasped and turned the channel.

And there are entire channels devoted to shopping ... for most anything at any time of day or night. And other channels are devoted to Home Decorating, Selling, Remodeling, etc., etc., etc. (I do watch some of these)

Then there are news shows .... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, news. Latest, breaking, up to the minute news. I remember when it came on at 6:00 pm for 30 minutes and you were done for the day.

Oh and we mustn't forget Soap Operas. They start in the mornings now and go on until about 3 in the afternoon. And they've become almost pornographic and it amazes me that old women watch them. I know because I know the women who watch and they are old.

And then too there are the religious programs. Most of them irk me so I don't watch them either. Many are nothing more than shysters in new suits. Suits paid for by the gifts and offerings of viewers by the way.

I've ranted enough. It just amazes me that with the supposed intelligence out there, is what we see on much of TV the best they can do? If it is, have mercy!


  1. You go girl! I can't stand reality show! Don't watch the talk shows and I agree who cares if Madonna'd divorcing...most all of them do, that is if they even bother to marry in the first place.
    As for Britney what's her name's new Video I happened to be watching 20/20 last Friday night and they made a big to do about them having the world was pure trash, vulgar. My Granddaughter will not be tuning in on her! And the Judges are rude and crude ... and the people being sued or whatever,
    well talk about your trash!! Most TV is ridiculous...Ok my ranting is over too. Thank you for this opportunity. Great Post! My husband says I lead a sheltered life and for this I am truly thankful!

  2. p.s. and the Religious programs, most of them live in Mansions and fly in private jets. Have their face lifts and plastics surgeries
    with the monies they receive from little old retirees living on a fixed income!!! Ooh! That really burns me!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, Louise, you are so right! If I had my way, there would be no t.v. at all in our house, but Hubby uses it to unwind in the evenings and I defer to him without complaint. But I have control during the day, which means it doesn't come on except for our local educational channel, which is surprisingly edifying. I think there must be many Christian program directors and film-makers still at this particular station.

    I will admit, though, I like having a radar channel so I can see exactly when to pull the clothes off the line. LOL!


  4. Prayer request:
    Chris D.
    He is in ICU with fluid-filled lungs. He is not saved. Pray for his salvation and health. He may be, very literally, on his death-bed.

    This is my ex-brother-in-law and the man who faced our rock fireplace. He and my husband were close when Hubby was young, going fishing and frog-gigging. His son is in his last year of medical school and he has a daughter who is 14.

    Thank you, Lousie.

    P.S. You are SO SWEET to offer some of your books. Truthfully, I like books too much to be able to name off any particular titles. I use the library extensively, so I don't really have the need for books except that I like to have the classics and edifying Christian ones during the winter when the roads are bad. I'm afraid I'd have my own library if I had my way! You are truly thoughtful to offer though. Hugs to you! t.

  5. In India some people call the TV - the idiot box. Most of the progs. are trash.

    I like Amimal Planet
    Nat Geo
    Discovery, History Channel
    Some news channels

    very few shows, mostly comedy, soaps i don 't like, In India there are hundreds.

    The reality shows are mostly rubbish but I like quiz shows.

    A few good movies.

    Reject a lot of the religious programs as they are just pop psychology.