Thursday, October 2, 2008

Friends, please, please join me in interceding for this family:

"Please pray for Tim and Missy Hatchet and their daughters.Their oldest daughter, Mekenna, recently died (suddenly) from a staph infection. She was 14. (I actually saw the report on the news.)

They have two other daughters, one just started middle school (her name's Ramsey) and the other is around 8 and her name is Caden.

A friend of Missy's says that Missy takes the girls to school in the morning and comes home and sits in her chair and stares at the wall all day and the only other time she gets up is to go to church. The friend goes over to do the laundry. Everyone is worried that Missy will not recover from the grief. I'm sure that Tim and the girls need prayer also, as not only have they lost their daughter/sister but are missing their wife/mother too."

Thank you.

Father in heaven, we come to you now on behalf of Tim & Missy and their daughters Ramsey and Caden. In the precious name of Your Son, we ask You to ease the grief and the burden they carry in the loss of their daughter Mekenna. Comfort them and give them rest and allow them to sleep. Minister to them through Your precious Holy Spirit and through the people who love them. Allow their pain to slowly evaporate into the knowledge You are with them and will see them through this seemingly unbearable time in their lives. Open their souls to receive from You all You seek to give them. Give Missy a desire to not only take her daughters to school, but to become involved in everyday household chores. Bring a smile to her face as she looks upon Ramsey and Caden and allow her to find You and your plan for their future in the midst of tragedy. Be all she needs. Be all this family needs. For your glory and in the name of Your Son we ask these things and we expectantly look for Your great and good answer to this prayer for this family. Amen.


  1. Oh, Jesus touch this family, but especially Missy, who doesn't know how to go on without her precious child. God, if it's depression. Please send someone who knows her struggles and can lovingly and most importantly understand the depths of her despair. Someone to wrap their arms around her and tell her that they understand fully and that You and only You can bring her through this deep sadness. Bless this family Jesus Precious Name I pray.

  2. Oh that makes me SOOOOOO sad..I will pray for the peace of Christ..