Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We received a call late last week that our former daughter-in-law's Dad had died. He was just 61 and had dealt with cancer over two years. We went to his viewing Sunday afternoon. A call came yesterday that a cousin's husband had died. We will go to his viewing tomorrow afternoon and then the funeral on Friday. My husband's Uncle in Florida is critically ill and not expected to live longer than a week. If he's buried in Ky., then my husband will take his Mom down for the funeral. There's no way she could make it to Florida.
We never know what a day will hold do we? Thankfully we know the One who holds all our days.


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my BLOG

    I am so sorry for your family losses .
    Each day is a treasure!!

    fondly, Deena

  2. You are right, Louise. We don't know what a day will hold for us or our loved ones. Sometimes we have time to prepare ourselves, and sometimes things happen so suddenly and unexpectedly.

    I love the song Lynda Randle sings that says:
    "I wanna get so close to Him that it's no big change,
    On that day when Jesus calls my name."

  3. My Grandmother always used the wives-tale "death comes in threes". I thought of that immediately when you mentioned another family member who is so critical. I am sorry for your loss and pray that God's will be done for the one who is sick. Death does not HAVEE to cime in three's, unless the Lord is ready for him to come Home! Be blessed today Louise, and I hope that you are feeling well. Jennifer

  4. Ahem, that would be HAVE to come in...I really should proof read my comments.