Sunday, February 24, 2008

Arlene & Barry

Arlene's Home-going celebration was one I'll surely remember. The room was over-flowing with people come to pay their respects ... chairs were set up in the halls so everyone could sit and still some were standing. Songs of praise and worship, words of encouragement and hope were spoken. A final letter from her sister was read, telling of her love for Arlene and the fact that it was Arlene's persistence in witnessing to her that helped lead her to Christ. Friends from all walks of life were there. Some have known Arlene & Barry since they were teen-agers.

As one minister said "I can't just say Arlene or Barry, it's always Arlene AND Barry." That's how I've known them too. Most of us have known them that way. Theirs was a very special relationship, one you don't see very often, even in Christian marriages. And as another minister said to Barry, "now you'll learn the comfort that the Holy Spirit can give as no one else can."

May God give comfort to this family. May He walk with each one and give just what they need in the days and weeks ahead. May He remind them that their beloved Arlene is safe and waiting for them. Yesterday they laid her body to rest for a while, but one day, it too will be made new.

What glorious hope we have ... the grave holds no power over those who sleep in Christ. We will live forever with the One who made us His own.


  1. I've been watching for this update. Thank you, Louise. I'm glad to hear that it was truly a celebration, one to remember and to increase the faith of those traveling behind Arlene.

  2. It truly was a celebration of her new home. There were tears shed because we will miss our dear friend, till that day He calls us home...what a day of rejoicing!
    To be responsible for over 1,000 souls coming to Christ - I'm sure they gate opened wide for our dear Arlene!

  3. I agree with pat, the gates were wide open!

  4. Thank you for telling us what it was like. I am catching up with my friends, I 'm far behind