Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I've heard Sparrows singing and chirping the past few days, a sure sign for me that Spring will soon be here. These small birds amaze me. They don't leave our area, at least I don't know that they do. They stay busy through-out the winter, even when you don't see or hear them. And just when we humans are getting fairly fed-up with Winter, you hear them singing outside your window. It's our Father's way of letting us home bound people know that He's sending warm weather soon. That's what I hear when I hear them sing. Warmth and sun shine are coming. The cold and snow and ice won't last forever. And surely, if these birds can get through winter, and welcome the unseen Spring with song, why can't we?


  1. Hey Louise. You are the second person I have told about this, but.... Yesterday 3 or 4 Bluebirds played in our front yard. They were SO beautiful, and it made my heart feel lighter. Bluebirds are my favorite (second is Hawks) because I spot them flying across the road when we are traveling and it is a flash of blue, a quick pick me up from the Lord. An instant flash of joy to match the blue wings. I enjoyed your musing about the sparrows - Jen

  2. His eye is on the Sparrow and I know He watches me!
    Singing through our circumstances,
    that's what my Daddy always did.
    He loved birds... God gave him a song!

  3. I love the signs that the Lord continually will provide for us, just when we feel weary. The other morning I hear the cooing of Mourning Doves. I felt such joy and peace just from that little sound.
    He constantly affirms His love for us even in something as personal as the birds song. Oh that the world would listen.

  4. I do enjoy the comment section on blogs and hope you don't mind if I sometimes chat with the group! i had to smile at Pat's reference to the Doves. I left Africa when I was 18 (missed it terribly, I might add) and will never forget the day I stepped out of my new Canadian home to the sound of the Mourning Dove. They spoke the same language as their African cousins and were like a hug from God Himself to me that day! In fact, they were directly responsible for helping me, initially, to feel at home in Canada!

  5. Hi Ladies, it's good to hear from each of you and thankful we all share a common bond ... Jesus. Carol-Ann, you're more than welcome to join us. Thank you for telling us about Mourning Doves being the same in Africa as they are here and in Canada. How awesome is our Father to give us these gifts as He does.

    Blessings to you all.

  6. The sparrows stay here all winter too..cold and looking for food..and I'm all warm and snuggly inside..growling..LOL

    thanks for loving my new hair don't !!!!
    that brought me a GREAT laugh..

  7. I love this post! We have had a harder winter than usual, and the last couple of days have been a little foretaste of warmth to come--a high today of 70, a high tomorrow of 38! Isn't that just like life, full of ups and downs!

    I loved reading the stories in these comments. Birds are so unique... wild yet staying quite close to us, graceful, cheerful, able to sing beautiful songs... I think you are right, Louise, that they are special messengers. Just hearing a little bird sing can take us back in time, comfort and encourage us. And if they can't fall to the ground without our Father noticing and caring, think how much more He notices when we are down and have many burdens (enough to give a special message to a little bird!)

  8. i hear them too! and every year at this time it is such a sweet sound...the song of promise!