Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I've been scanning old family photos this afternoon. Going through my mother-in-law's pictures and copying them to a disk. It's good to look back and remember where we've come from.

This photo is of my husband's Maternal Grandparents and 11 of their 13 children.
My Mother-in-law is the lady standing on the right. Her Father, Bud, was married twice before he married third wife Darkie and all total, he fathered 23 children.
There are only 6 siblings alive today.

This is Grandma Darkie hanging out clothes to dry. Anybody remember days like this? I sure do, we did it when I was growing up as my family didn't have a clothes dryer 'till I was in my early teens.

This is my Father-in-law holding my brother-in-law, JR. My Fred is sitting next to them.
Fred had one sister who died when she was just 18 months old. His Mom was pregnant with him when her baby girl passed away and she's never really gotten over her death. I guess you don't when you've lost a child at such a young age. At any age for that matter.

This is my Fred when he was a little guy. Hard to believe any of us were ever little.

My in-laws right after they got married. Photo taken in Floyd Co., Ky

There are way more pictures to scan than I remembered, so it looks like this project will take a while. Once I finish this one, I'll do my family. That should be fun as my Dad was the youngest of 9; my Mom the oldest of 5 and I'm the oldest of 8. Have mercy!


  1. I love your pictures. I have a couple of cherished pictures of my parents. My mother had sorted all of our family photos and was preparing to give them to her six children when hurricane Katrina struck and she lost them along with everything else. So the few we do have are very precious. Old pictures are marvelous. They along with life can't be replaced.


  2. Wow! I have pictures that look alot like those. I come from a large family too!
    Can't wait to see pictures of your family.
    Tell Fred he was Darly!!

  3. Oh, I love this, Louise! You are taking on such a big project, but I'm sure it will be very gratifying for you and for the others in your family who can then keep the memories going. I will be looking forward to seeing more glimpses from the past. Kristi is right that these pictures cannot be replaced. I think it is so wonderful that you have so many pictures to scan!

    Kristi, I am so sorry all those family pictures were lost.

  4. I LOVE the family pics!!
    tis fun to see
    and folks had SUCH big families..
    Oh my


  5. PS
    Tell Miss Beasley I love her pink shoes!!


  6. i love youe pics and old memories. i take care of elderly clients in their homes and my fav part is hearing their stories!
    God bless~

  7. Hi Louise ... thanks for dropping by the past few days ... I LOVE old family pictures ... how great that you are putting them on a disc.

    Today I had some professionals come to my home and clear the snow off my roof. would you believe that we had to dig out my back patio as the snow was up to the top of my glass French door??? Next year, I'll just let the snow pile up and not worry ... just more work now ;)

  8. I love looking at these pictures - I've always regretted that my Mom didn't have any pictures of herself as a child. Isn't it interesting to trace the family traits when we look at these old pictures? Now we know who to blame for features we're not fond of!

  9. Your pictutres and the stories behind them are so good. i love old pictures and the memoriris attatched with them.

    i' ve got a trunkful.

    We got a washing machine in 1995!

  10. how wonderful! thank you for sharing these.

  11. Dear Louise I have given you an award on my site. please have a look and pick it up

  12. thank you for caring..God is good to us
    and surely we can love each other as He