Sunday, February 10, 2008

To Complain or Not?

If ever there was reason to complain, I'd like to think I had one this morning. But I was quickly reminded of what I had written yesterday and of what the precious Holy Spirit brought to my mind earlier last week ... Don't Complain! I was tempted to give in and do it anyway, thinking "After the morning I've had, why not tell someone about it? After all, I have that right." But then I thought "To what end?" Would my words of complaint glorify God? Would they edify the one I was lashing out to? No. A thousand times No. And I don't have the 'right' to groan and moan and complain either.

As Christians we sometimes think we are 'owed' something ... recognition, honor, thanks, whatever it might be. Truth be told we are the debtors and aren't owed a thing. While these things may be good and right at the proper time, we aren't to expect them if we're serving for one purpose only ... the glory of God. What we do should reflect Him and what He's done in our lives. We are but servants of the Most High God and we didn't put ourselves there, He did. We have the honor of being called His friend and not because of something spectacular that we've done ... again, because of Him. While we were dead in trespasses and sin, He loved us. He brought us from death to life and all we are, all we have, is due to His mercy and grace to undeserving sinners.

So, rather than tell anyone but God about my morning (He knew before I got up this morning what it would be like), I will pray and trust Him to work all things out for my good and His glory. I am so thankful we serve a loving God who doesn't leave us to our failings and shortcomings. I am so thankful He will get me safely Home and will teach me valuable lessons along the way.

"In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
I Thessalonians 5:18.


  1. You go girl!
    Pray your day is going better!
    Great words of wisdom, Weezy!
    Lots of Love

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your morning, Louise. Your wise comments are so helpful to me, and I'm really grateful for them. I pray that the Lord will continue to use you to encourage godliness in the rest of us. I, for one, really need it!

  3. Thank you Trish & Jeanette for your comments the past two days. I am thankful they're helping and not hurting either of you, or anyone else. This is a difficult lesson for me, and one I sincerely hope I learn for a lifetime.

  4. Love the new pix if the Grandgirls!
    They are beautiful!!!