Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vote Today! Well, we did, Fred & I voted this morning. I don't know about the rest of you, but the nominees for President leave me slightly confused and wondering if we voted for the right person. One thing's for certain, we can't walk back into those polls and tell 'em we want our ballots back. Nope, can't do that.
So what do you do when you're doubting every candidate out there? When you wonder if they're really, honest to goodness telling us the truth? Do the best we can with what we know is all I know to do. I've heard more than one person saying "I'm stumped this year. I don't know who to vote for." I even over-heard that at the polls today.
We can learn much from Scripture about kings and rulers and those in authority. For instance:
II. Samuel 23:3.
He that Ruleth over men, must be just, Ruling in the Fear of God.
The following was written by Samuel Willard in 1694:
"Whatsoever other influence we may have into the appointment of those that are to govern us, there is none that can hinder us of this but ourselves. God overrules the lot; He determines the hearts of men, and He can make men after his own Heart. He presides over every election, and if we can prevail with Him by importunate prayer, our business is done. It is one of the blessings that He will be sought unto for, by the House of Israel.
It calls us to be thankful to Him for such when He bestows them upon us. God not a little displays His kindness to a people when it is thus, and expects their gratitude to Him for so comprehensive a mercy. There is nothing will sooner lose us this benefit than ingratitude.
Let us encourage them that are such, and that by a cheerful acknowledgment of them, contention under them, and candid interpretation of them.
We are governed by men of like infirmities with ourselves; wonder not if sometimes they discover something of them, but when we know that their cordial endeavors are to do that which is right, and promote our peaceable and Godly living, let this please us.
And beware of murmurings; GOD will not take it well of us, and can easily let us know a difference, and it is an observation that seldom misses, That they who are most addicted to, are soonest weary of, changes.
In a word, let us beware lest we provoke a holy and jealous God to anger so as to give us men of another spirit to rule over us, or to withdraw His Spirit from them that do, and leave them to do things inconvenient.
Evil doers, and the mal-administrations of good ones, are punishments which GOD does inflict on a people that have provoked Him to anger against them. God gave Saul to Israel in His wrath, and he left David to number the people because His anger was kindled against Israel.
[* * * * *]
But if we be a people fearing GOD and keeping of His Commandments, He will delight in us to bless us, and to do us good--and to give us rulers after His own prescription, Just Men, and Ruling in the Fear of God."


  1. I didn't decide until shortly before we voted today and still I
    just wasn't convinced.
    Good post! I want God's blessings on this Nation not His wrath!

  2. I didn't decide until shortly before we voted today and still I
    just wasn't convinced.
    Good post! I want God's blessings on this Nation not His wrath!

  3. may the Lord 's will be done.He appoints our rulers.