Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ever think about the ordinary, everyday things? You know, getting out of bed after a good night's sleep, then being able to make the bed yourself. Taking a warm shower. Eating meals in quiet and contentment with those you love. Brushing your teeth and combing your hair. Putting on your shoes and being able to walk to the front porch or around the block. Holding a brand new baby and wishing you could press "pause" and keep that moment for longer than a moment. Listening to a young grandchild, or niece or nephew, read from a new book. Being able to see clearly, with or without glasses. The ability to hear another person speak your name.

All these things are ordinary, everyday things for many of us. We need to sometimes just stop and realize the preciousness of them. We need to see God in them as much as we do in the so-called 'big' things. I'm saddened to admit I'm not always in that frame of mind. But I want to be.

Because it's the ordinary, everyday things that make up the whole of who we are. It's how I handle the things that are unseen to everyone else that really makes me who I am. God sees it all, from beginning to end, He knows the steps I'll take and the attitudes I'll carry as I take them.

Help me Lord to be more appreciative and thankful, even on days when this body hurts and I don't feel like doing much of anything. Let me give thanks, for this is Your will for me in Christ Jesus. Let me be faithful to You in each small, ordinary thing I do. Let me take nothing for granted, and let me enjoy the small things as much as the big ones.


  1. We are so blessed! I am thankful to get up every morning, walk, talk, work, take care of babies.
    Have a warm, dry place on a night like tonight. I am truly thankful for the precious friend that you are!
    I love you, Weezy!!!

  2. Oh yes Louise, I thank the Lord for enabling me to perform simple everyday tasks. Sometime ago I couldn 't comb my hair, take a step or feed myself without wincing in pain. I had trouble holding and opening a Bible...acute arthritis. God has healed me.