Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's a cold, cold morning and I am so thankful to be inside a warm home. I woke early this morning and thought of going back to bed for just a little more sleep, then decided to stay up and spend quiet time with the Lord before the day's activities begin. A bit later I'll meet with a friend at church, drop some things at the thrift store, stop at the meat market and then be back in time to pick Stef & Erica up from school as they only have a half day today. They'll spend the afternoon with us. Their Dad will be working and their Mom will be sleeping as she works midnights tonight.

Just an ordinary day ... what a blessing it is to have that in life. I think back to when I was very ill and seldom did I have a day like I'll have today. Back then I was struggling daily just to breathe and everything took more effort than I had to give. Walking down the hall had me gasping for air. Taking a shower was a major task. Getting dressed took energy I didn't have. It was an effort and a chore just to exist back then. I felt awful and looked even worse.

While I didn't attend church back then, I did think about God and wondered if He cared enough to heal me of asthma and give me a relatively normal life. He gave me so much more than I hoped for. He gave me Himself.

I still have asthma and I've even developed some other health problems ... and that's okay. I still have days when I am simply tired and don't get much done and that's okay too. What matters most is I have Jesus. He saw fit to give me eternal life and one day, every health issue I have will be gone forever.

The asthma is no where near as severe as it once was and I'm on less medication, and that is God's doing. The other issues are manageable also. Some days they're not pleasant to have, but they are reminders of where I came from and Whose I am. He ordains my life. He orders my steps and directs my path. He can mold me anyway He chooses and, if I have any sense about me at all, I will patiently comply because He is the Potter ... I am but one of the pieces of the clay He chooses to work with. And He will work until He's finished with me here and then I get to go Home and meet Him face to face.

In the meantime, I will seek Him and I will find Him because He doesn't hide from His children. I will pray as He directs and I will worship and enjoy Him. I will make much of Him because He alone is worthy of that kind of attention. I will be satisfied in Him and in so doing, He will be glorified in me.

Way back when I thought all I needed was physical healing and was pleading for an end to the health problems I had, I never, ever dreamed I would one day be living the life I am today. It is good for me to go back and remember and share with others where He's brought me to and what He delivered me from.

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me ... I once was lost but now am found, I was blind but now I see. I love this song because it talks about me ... where I've been and where I'm going ... my name is all over this song.

May your day be filled with God Himself and may you see Him as He wants to be seen ... our All in All, forever and ever and ever.


  1. How beautiful! We are blessed by your wisdom and the lessons you have learned.
    Amazing Grace... we are all written on that song!
    Love you!!

  2. I love this beautiful post. Without spiritual healing, physical healing is incomplete. Sometimes we only seek half of what we are needing.
    Loving you....

  3. Louise, you are a blessing to me! Thank you for being an example to us of how God uses everything in our lives for His purpose. His primary desire is not that we are comfortable here on earth but that we are becoming more like Him on our journey to heaven. I am so short-sighted that I sometimes lose sight of the big picture and only see my here-and-now difficulties and not what He is wanting to accomplish through them. I'm so glad I visited your blog today!

  4. beautiful. grace remains amazing to me.

  5. Thank you for your words kind friends. You mean much to me.

  6. I praise God with you for His grace in your life-it really is amazing isnt it!

  7. Bless the lord O my soul.
    I Lord has given tremendous healing to me too Louise. He is good to His children.

  8. Praying for you today!!
    and hoping you are blessed
    with love and life each day