Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prayer need....

First, this praise report from Trish tonight:

"Praise report on my sister Pam. She finished Radiation a few months ago just had another Mammogram and the Dr. says there is NO cancer. Her prognosis is excellent!
Praise the Lord for his faithfulness."

Second, please pray for my Mom's friend Amon. He & his wife were in a car accident earlier today and his wife has died. Amon is a precious friend who would do just about anything to help anyone.

Thank you.

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  1. dear louise...i just read your comment and i feel so sad for your mom's friend. i just wonder how a person can go through such a thing losing their spouse. it will be so hard for amon and i will be sure to pray for so sad and yet he has the blessed hope that he will see her again..
    thanks for telling us this, and also about trish's sister, pam.
    what an answer to prayer! terry