Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Be mindful ... those words came to me during quiet time with the Lord this morning. But what do they mean?
After sitting quietly and looking up verses in the Bible what I got from this was that...

#1. I'm to be mindful (remember) all that God has done for us

#2. Be mindful (remember) all that He has promised to do

#3. Be mindful (remember) that He keeps His word and He is completely trustworthy

#4. Be mindful (remember) that He does all for our good and in accordance with His Father's will

It takes some work on my part to do this. It takes an act of my will to remember all that God has done; all He has promised to do; that He keeps His word and is completely trustworthy and finally, that He does all for our good and in accordance with His Father's will.

I must do this! I must be mindful and remember! Pressures from the world creep in and would leave us battered and low were it not for remembering Who redeemed us ...Who cares for us ... Who guides our steps and directs our paths according to His Word ... Who cradles us in the palm of His hand ... Who cares for us in ways we cannot fathom ... Who loves us with a love that we cannot duplicate in this world ...

Yes, I must do this and I must be mindful this day. I must also pray without ceasing...those words came to me yesterday morning and I cling to them as I cling to Him, the One to Whom I direct my prayers. I recently read that when it comes to prayer, 'children ask, adults talk' .... I want to be a child in this respect. I want to ask and trust and know that my Father hears and cares and will answer in such a way that all glory will be His.

May each one reading this be mindful this day .... may you also pray without ceasing and may you come into a deeper relationship with the One Who purchased your salvation.



  1. Such words of wisdom..."being mindful." How else can we truly know the voice of our Saviour, the one who gave His all for us. If we, are mindful of every Blessing...how can we fail...He controls it all.
    Thank you, Dear Weezy, for being obedient to the Holy Spirit this morning. I am mindful...remembering all of the great things He has done and will continue to do in our lives!

  2. This was a 'mindful' blessing to read your post today. Bless you for sharing what God has placed on your heart. Thank you.