Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where does time go?? I know I've asked that question numerous times before but I'm still wonderin' about it. Seems like forever since I've posted anything of importance. Tis been a bit busy around here. We now have care of two of the grand girls 5 days a week while their parents work. Their Mom recently started a new position and she's strictly on days now, she was working mixed shifts which can be difficult. We also have their dog Louis for part of the day too.

Anyhoo ... Lord willing, we will be going to Tennessee this coming Thursday with our son & his family. They've rented a huge log cabin in the Smoky Mtn's and insisted that we come along. We'll be taking our car because my Fred has an Army reunion planned the week-end of August 21-23 in Georgia. We've planned to leave TN on Friday morning and drive into Georgia with friends who will be coming in early from Massachusetts.

The week with the kids has me excited, I'll be going someplace I've never been before and seeing mountains that our God made. The Army reunion is another matter. For those who know me, you most likely know I'm not much of a talker, unless I know you really well that is. I'm usually quiet and reserved and would rather be home as any where. To think I'm going to meet 9 new couples doesn't thrill me in the least.

The itinerary says that there will be a 'Meet & Greet' at the motel on Friday afternoon ... dinner that evening (no jeans allowed darn it) in a restaurant's private room ... a barbecue the next day at the home of one of the couples who live in GA (the invite said to bring bathing suits ... ha!) ... and brunch the third day at a golf club (dress code there too). All in all I'd rather be headin' home with my kids the morning of August 21st. But, for my husband's sake and to get myself out of a comfort zone, I'll most likely be in the car with him going even further south.

I became curious and did a google search for the address of the home where the cook-out will be held. It's a mansion with an in-ground swimming pool. Situated on a LARGE lot on a cul-de-sac ... NO fences anywhere. I don't know why I feel intimidated by all this and if anyone out there has an inkling of an answer I'd sure appreciate hearing it. I've been this way as far back as I can remember and it's not a good feeling. I keep reminding myself that they're all just people ... apparently some are very well-to-do, but still just people. I've been saying "Lord, let there be at least one born-again Christian in the bunch" and "Lord, allow me to let my light shine and be a good witness for You" to those who perhaps aren't.

Another issue I have is clothes ... I don't have many 'cause I don't like to shop and I don't care for the styles that are out there right now. I didn't like them back in the 70's when they first appeared and I still don't care for them. I have a friend who looks fabulous most of the time and I asked for her advice in what to wear. She advised black slacks, and a couple of white blouses (with jewelry accents of course) (I don't like jewelry either) for the evening dinner & the brunch and a pair of cotton slacks and a nice t-shirt for the cook-out. She at first told me to wear capri's and a sleeveless cotton shirt but I reminded her of how bruised my legs are and that I am self conscious about showing my legs because of the bruising, so we switched to cotton slacks in a light color. I do not have to be concerned about taking a bathing suit ... NO ONE ... as in NO ONE will see this body in a bathing suit in public in Georgia or anywhere else for that matter.

So, the past couple of weeks I've scoured the thrift stores looking for bargains for things I'll wear not only in GA but to church too. And I've come up with some name brand stuff I'll have you know. All in excellent condition and cheap too! I bought a pair of jeans (had to, they only cost a $1.00) with a name I'd never heard of. Did some investigating on the Internet and found out they cost $195.00 new.

If nothing else, I've added to my up-till-now sadly lacking wardrobe and I'll get to see the Smoky Mountains and enjoy time with my kids and grand-girls and my husband. Lord willing I'll take lots of pictures and store memories that will last 'till I'm older and grayer. And when I get to that mansion in Georgia I'll remind myself that "ahhh....this is nothin' compared to what's waiting for me in heaven."

Blessings to you all! Have a wonder-filled Sunday!


  1. First of all not fret about this! You always let your light shine and are beautiful inside and out!!! It sounds like your friend gave you good advice and you even got bargains...nothing better. And I am with you on the bathing suit issue...NO ONE sees these thighs...NO ONE!!! LOL
    Have a wonderful time with your Grandgirls and relax...shoot, you'll light up the place at Clyde's Army reunion!!!
    Love you bunches!

  2. 1. I will go to Gatlinburg (is that where your going?) with you...I love that beautiful Mountain scenery! If your in Gatlinburg go to the Wild Plum Tea Room for me, it's in the "Glades", an arts and crfats community. It's just an old house turned into a little lunch place that serves the best tea and muffins! Your grandgirls will love it...not so much the men, but Hal enjoys it (I think!). My favorite stop when I go.
    2, I could have written this very same thing about the reunion. I'm am as far out of my comfort zone as humanly possile at these events and avoid them like the plague!! and me in a bathing suit...LOL, Ha, ha, oh I need to get a grip here!
    You on the other hand, are precious, gracious, and all things loveable...they will be blessed just by your presence. You go girl and goodness will seek you out!

  3. You are definitely a kindred spirit, Louise! No capris or bathing suits for me either! All your misgivings are the same ones I would have, and your shopping spree reminded me of the ones I go on every now and then -- to the thrift store! I hope you have a wonderful time.