Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tis me again .. asking if you would pray for my brother George. He's going thru such a difficult time, again. I talked with him this evening and he's learned that the sheathing that covers his spine has basically worn off in a space about 2" long at the top of the spine. He's in much pain and dealing with other difficulties as well. I listened to him talk and it hurt my heart to know how much he's suffering and questioning the whys of so much pain in life. Not just physical, but mental and emotional. He's learned his only son is most likely doing what he shouldn't be doing ... that his youngest grandson at times isn't being cared for as he should be ... and it tears at his heart because he can't change things, especially for his son.

I've heard it said that a parent is only as happy as his happiest child ... and I believe that to be true. When you have two children as one is doing alright and the other isn't, the one that isn't seems to take center stage in our lives and the pain can outweigh the joy.

I so wish I could make things all better for so many people! I can't, but I know One who can and I cry to Him to be merciful and gracious to George and his son and grandson.

How many others are out there, hurting and in despair and we who know them simply turn our heads, offer a short prayer and continue on our way? I've been guilty of that very thing, because I don't want more pain added to what I already carry and I don't want to feel worse than I sometimes do. That's selfish and that's not like Christ. I'm to help carry the burden when it's presented, aren't I?

It hurts to have your loved ones hurting Lord. Help me, help us to better shoulder their burdens and if needed, help them carry their cross for just a little while. Minister to Your children as only You can and give us what we need to be burden-bearers with those we love; and with those we don't know yet. Amen


  1. Oh, Weezy seems we are both feeling the burdens of others. May we help carry them and encourage them. Where 2 or more agree and Weezy...you and I make 2! Lord, help Weezy and I show mercy and give us the gift of exhortation...those that are down need a word from you!
    So glad that your eye exam went well Weezy!
    Love you much!

  2. I know how this feels.

    Dear Lord please heal the lives of George and his family.

  3. praying for all of these and you as well. love you lou-eeth.