Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good news ... my eye exam went better than expected this morning. I do not have a hole in the retina. What I do have is a wrinkling of the membrane that covers the retina. The doctor doesn't think it will get worse, but if it should he said there's a surgical procedure he can do. I will go back to see him in 6 weeks for a re-check.

Thank you for praying!


  1. Praise the Lord for this Louise. You just get the right treatment

  2. I'm glad to read you have a wrinkle instead of a hole. My mom had a hole and needed surgery .. it was successful .. but oh, the recovery. Praying right now that you do not need surgery and the the wrinkle straightens out (if that's possible) .. (all things are possible with God :)

    Hugs and will lift your brother, George, up in prayer. He has physical, mental, and heartache pain that can only be relieved by the Lord. You are a good sister to keep him before God in prayer.