Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is 'Grace', my brand new Baby Lock sewing machine..... My older machine was traded today for this fairly up-to-date new one. I had the old Singer for 30 years and debated whether to just have it fixed or buy new. After looking at the ease of using this one I decided to buy it. I must admit I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse however. I seldom ever spend this kind of money on me. Never mind the fact this machine will most likely outlast me; I just don't like spending money on me. I am the Queen of cheap and frugality.

The good thing is I will most likely do a lot more sewing than I used to. This one is so quiet I can use it in the dining area of the kitchen where there's great light until Fred gets the basement finished; then I'll set up my sewing area down there. I'm already thinking of making quilts for the grand-girls, heaven knows I have enough fabric. Also, some of the ladies in church are making 'Traveling Bags' for women in homeless shelters; I had made one before the old machine clunked out. Now I can make a few more.

I guess I'm trying to justify spending money for myself aren't I? That's how I am. I've been wearing a pair of too-small shoes because they're still in good shape ... they hurt my toes, but hey, they look okay, right? Why do we women do that to ourselves anyway? Must be something in our genes.

I'll let you know how the sewing goes and I do look forward to using all the fabric I've accumulated over the years.



  1. Soon Grace will be humming right along...those grandgirls will be blessed with a beautiful keepsake!
    I have a quilt make by my Granny to me it is priceless!!!
    I agree...I always feel I have to justify my spending. Tomer, tells me don't try to give account BUT I always feel the need to!!!
    Love you lady!

  2. My machine is about 30 years old too. It was from Sears and it was the next to least expensive model. It has done me well, and has a lot of miles on it! I can't imagine not having a sewing machine, if only for occasional mending.
    Let your creative juices flow and enjoy!

  3. We have an old manual Singer.Its got an electric attatchment but we don 't use it.

    I am sureyou will put Grace to good , and godly use.

    I am also queen of cheap abnd frugality

  4. Hi Louise!
    I think it's great that you bought a sewing machine and I hope that it brings you a lot of joy!