Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi Ladies! We're home ... we got in late Sunday night and this is the first opportunity I've had to post anything on the blog. Unpacking takes longer than packing, for me anyway. Hope you're all well, I've not yet caught up on your blogs, but will do so after I finish writing.

Here are just a few of the photos I took and they're not in order....
The first is a sunset from the main porch of the cabin

Clyde's friend Rick & his wife Nancy came in on Thursday and visited with us at the cabin ... we left the next day for Georgia & the Army Reunion
This was the view we saw most every morning from the main porch

This is the way up to our cabin ... ours was the very last one at the very top of the mountain .. there are 8 cabins on this mountain ... one is a private week-end residence

A side view of our cabin ... the lower level shows one of the ways you can walk to the swimming pool ... I never walked there....I am afraid of heights ... yeah, just call me 'chicken'

Another view of our cabin ... the views were stunningly beautiful
and reminded me of God's awesome power

A third view, near evening time

This was the entry to the cabin ... so steep I couldn't walk down it. The first drive up scared me so badly Stephanie and I were shaking when we got out of the cars. The cabin sits 4077 feet above sea level ... the road up is one lane, narrow and so curvy people have been known to be throw-up sick as they come up. Thankfully I didn't do that, but I did try to apply my own brakes all the way up, every time we went up the road.

Another sunset ... makes the fear worth it I reckon

This was taken one afternoon when Jane, Stef, Erica & I saw a double rainbow at the front of the cabin. I don't know if you can see it in this photo, but there were two rainbows. I asked Stef if she remembered what a rainbow meant and she quickly said "God promised not to flood the earth again, times two!"

Me and the girls in Gatlinburg
Pat, we didn't make it to the Tea Room, you could spend a month in Gatlinburg and not see everything

My 'Fred' with Shawn & Jane, Stephanie & Erica in Gatlinburg

Me and Jane .. there are so many places to take pictures

The double rainbow!

Another beautiful

Me & Fred & the girls on the front deck area of the cabin

Our kids & Louis

Me & Fred & our girls

'My' cow as Fred called him....he pastured in an area on our way up the mountain ... he was perty

Inside the cabin ... the girls and I are on the upper level game room
There was a flat screen TV, pool table, darts, books, chairs (one folded out to make a twin bed), full bathroom & sliding doors to a porch up here

The sunset the night before we left

We watched the rain move in the morning this was times we were literally above the clouds as the cabin is called ... other times we were enveloped in them .. all you could see was white

That's all for now...Lord willing I'll post more later and tell you about
our adventure with a bear and my run-in with Louis the grandpup and Jane's slipping and falling on the rocks in front of the cabin and our drive through Cade's Cove and my feet swelling so badly I had to go into the doctor on Monday ... I'm alright, just think I strained a tendon trying to stop the car every time we went up and down the mountain. From the passenger side it doesn't work by the way. We had a wonderful time and I'd do it again ... only I'd pick a cabin a little closer to the ground I think. We truly appreciate Jane & Shawn inviting us to go with them.
Bye for now, will write again soon! Love to you all!


  1. Oh Louise, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed these pictures, and how much they make me want to go's so beautiful! Your cabin looks wonderful, what a view. We love going to Cades Cove, and I can't wait to hear about your bear adventure. In all the times we've gone, we've never seen a bear.
    Next time I go, I'll hit the Tea Room for you!

  2. Oh, Weezy...the sunsets are glorious...and the place you stayed beautiful...and the double rainbow spectacular! Glad that you are home safe and sound my friend. Peggy just got back from Gatlinburg on Friday. The place they stayed at had the same scary road and they too were at the very top of the mountain. A Mama Bear (she had 3 cubs) pulled the trash dumpster right out of the cement and pushed it into the back of her car!!!

  3. So glad that you had a nice time. I love Gatlinburg...I don't love the We had one on the porch of our glass front cabin while we were on our honeymoon. Scared me bad!

    Maddy saw your pictures and it made her really miss Stephanie. She keeps hoping that they are in the same class this year.

  4. Really enjoyed the photos Louise

  5. Hi Louise! It has taken me a while, but I am finally catching up with you, and I just had to tell you how very much I have enjoyed your gorgeous photos! What a beautiful place!

    (I've been known to search for the passenger brake, too. :) The original power brakes!)