Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A favor to ask ....

There's a lady named Loreen Ittermann who is serving as a missionary in Moldova. To read about her and the work she's doing please go to

I had never heard of this country until a friend shared Loreen's missionary work with me. Below is one of the emails I received recently from Miss Loreen & part of her 'team' ...

"Dear Special Ones,

We now are on our way with the chairs for the new church auditorium. We currently have 112 promised out of the 300 needed. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of this project.

Eugene Pokidko, the youth pastor of our church, took a group to Tartarstan, a difficult part of Russia to reach with the Gospel. What an experience they encountered! You will thrill to read how God provided for them as they faced many difficult obstacles and challenges. These young people are truly committed to serving Jesus Christ.

Eugene writes:
From all trips which we made for last three years, this, perhaps, was the most difficult, but, at the same time, - the most blest and fruitful.
We expected to take a train to Moscow, but ran into deep problems at the border of the Ukraine. Since some of the young people were minors, the officials would not accept my Power of Attorney and we were thrown off the train.

We made numerous requests to allow us to go to the capital city of Ukraine(Kiev) to wait for new documents allowing us to travel on into Russia. We waited for days. Finally the documents arrived so off we went to Moscow. We wanted to buy tickets for a train to our final destination, but we could not do so as the tickets had all been sold 3 days in advance.

We noticed a woman carrying heavy bags so we went to assist her. God used this woman to help us by telling us where we could go to find transportation. We knew that merchants often drove buses loaded with products to sell. We managed to find a ride on one bus and being exhausted, we fell asleep on top of the stuff being hauled about 820 kilometers! Often we thought about returning back home, but God strengthened us!

We arrived in Kukmor, a town of eighteen thousand population, but not one Protestant church. Even the Orthodox church is now closed down, but three Mosques are thriving. We began our mission by distributing information that people interested could receive a disk with the film JESUS. We gave a telephone number and we received calls; some who called attended the meetings.

One woman told us that in childhood she had seen a Christian film and it was the first time she had thought about God. Later, she saw the Jesus film in her teens and accepted Jesus. Since then she had been searching for other Christians. We enjoyed visiting with her, talking about the Bible and singing songs together.

We invited others to attend the meetings and heard such comments as: "My faith went out as coal torn from the flame of fire goes out, But you for me are as angels, sent from God for my strengthening."

Taking a guitar, we set forth for the city. Many interesting meetings with young people were prepared for us by God on these warm summer evenings. They listened attentively about Christ, to the Christian songs and the explanation of the 4 Spiritual Laws. They asked many questions and we spent hours with them.

Maxim, the leader of this group told us he had a dream where he saw a large room full of light and he appeared before the throne of the Great God Who carried the hammer of a Judge on His hip. God asked him many questions; he wanted to lie, but his eyes and lips always told the truth. Maxim saw the doors under his feet swing wide open and he fell into Hell. We were once again reminded how important it was for us to rescue the perishing.

We returned one night late only to find a group of older guys insisting we sing Christian songs to them. We wanted to refuse because it was so late, but they kept asking so finally we spent an hour singing not only to them, but to the whole neighborhood. It seemed everyone enjoyed the music.

The time for our departure came and we exchanged addresses, etc. with the young people. One of the fellows coming to listen to us the last evening said, "Please pray for us and about our faith in God." His words touched our hearts deeply and now we ask you to pray with us that their small faith will grow and they will reach others for Christ.

Through all our problems God was with us. We were very dependent on Him and Him alone, but He was faithful. And, I will say once again, that in spite of all the complications of this journey, this journey was blessed.

Eugene and our Church Youth"

Miss Loreen and her 'team' of nationals are building a church. It is nothing like the ones we have here ... this one is made of concrete and doesn't have air conditioning. They're blessed if they can have heat in the winter as the government in Moldova determines who has heat and how much can be used. Last winter Miss Loreen shared that it reached -30 degrees below zero and the government only allowed them to have heat that reached 50 degrees in their apartments. They slept in their clothes and coats. They baptized new believers by breaking the ice in the nearest body of water.

This blessed group of believers are in need of chairs. As her email said, they currently have 112 pledged. It only costs $20.00 to buy a chair ... would you consider doing that and letting Miss Loreen know? Her email is loreen_titus@yahoo.com

If you decide this is a worthy cause, please send your check to
Titus International
1515 McBrien Road
Chattanooga, TN 37412
and please put "Chairs - Miss Loreen" on the check and envelope.

She also asks that you pray for the person who will one day sit in the chair you've provided. I would so love to see this need met SOON! We've already bought a few and I'm praying for God to fill them with people who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you'd do this, please let me know. If you can't, I understand. Times are tough and yet, we aren't where they are .... yet.



  1. Hi Louise,
    You can take Chris D. off the prayer list. According to the pastor who was visiting him, and his sisters, he accepted Christ last month. However, he passed away this past Sunday. I have no doubt that your prayers were heard by our Father and the right people were put into Chris' path to lead him to Christ.
    Thank you to each and every person who said a prayer on Chris' behalf. I would ask that you say one more prayer for his children, Molly, age 15 and Christopher, age 29 as they deal with the loss of their father. Chris was 55.
    Thank you,

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