Friday, April 25, 2008

I scanned old photos today ... this is more time consuming than I thought it would be, but will be worth the work as I plan on giving CD's to my husband's family as gifts.

This is my husband and his Mom.
My Fred & his Dad

Anybody remember these baptisms? This is my husband's Uncle being baptized in a river in Kentucky. My folks were baptized this way also.


  1. These are really precious photos.Fred looks so sweet with his Mum and Dad. Did they live on a ranch?

    Sometimes i wish for thiose precious black-and white-photo-days when life was less complicated.
    I 've also got a trunk full of old photos.

    I must also scan them and give them as gifts to my sisters.

    Thank you for sending me the Cds. You did so much inspite of being unwell. What a sweet heart you have.I will let you know when i receive them.We are praying for you and Fred and I will request prayer in church too.

  2. I just LOVE these old pictures! I'm so glad you shared them. Your husband sure was the cutest little boy!

    Yes, I remember those baptisms in the river. I grew up in Liberia where we had no other way to be baptized. Several years ago, my husband (along with several other people) was baptized in a cold mountain stream. What a wonderful experience!

    Have a blessed weekend, Louise!

    PS: Thanks for your helpful suggestions on my blog. I do think you are right, too, so I have changed how I do the pictures. Carol-Ann made some suggestions that helped with the details on how to archive.

  3. What great pictures - having them on a CD would make such a wonderful gift.
    I absolutely remember those types of baptism's - no water temperature control or even clean water in those!
    What a treasure you are to take the time to make these CD's!

  4. I love old photo's... Fred is adorable, still has that big ol' smile!
    My parents were both baptized like that, in fact they still gather at the river for Baptizings in Tennessee, that is when the weather is warm enough.
    Thank you for the memories...

  5. p.s. Great gifts, Weezy!
    These pictures look just like where I'm from!

  6. Wonderful pictures ..I love the baptism!!
    thanks for sharing!!

  7. playing catch up this morning. so glad to hear you are feeling better. it's been a hard time for you and fred lately, and you are loved and prayed over. those photos are amazing. seems like they should be on a museum wall.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Some good "old" KY pictures!! That fence is like we had around our yard when I was a small child. I was born in Owsley County, KY. I sure do recall those baptisms'! My Mom was baptized in a creek.