Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hi All! Hope this finds you all well. I am doing much better, thank the good Lord above. I was well enough to go to church last Sunday and teach my class.

My husband has been doing some yard work. He wants to downsize some things in the back yard and that involves moving some raised planting beds and river rock. We also have a stack of bricks along the back fence. Not sure what he plans on doing with those.

In his husbandly concern for me he said this yesterday "Now I don't want to scare you, but you need to know there's a snake in the back yard." (I DO NOT like snakes!!!!) The conversation then went like this:

Me: "Where is it???"

Him: "I found it sunning itself on the pile of bricks out back. It's about T H I S long (13 feet) and about this big around" (73 inches) (that's what it would look like to me anyway regardless of its' actual size.

Me: "Did you kill it?"

Him: "No! Why would I do that?"

Me: "Because I don't like them!"

Him: "That's no reason to kill it."

Me: "Yes it is"

Him: "I won't kill my snake." (Notice he's now become attached to the thing)

Me: "YOUR snake? Who made it YOURS? And why not kill it? I DON'T LIKE THEM"

Him: "They're good to keep bugs away, I won't kill it."

Me: "Okay ... when I go into the back yard I'll take a hoe with me"

Him: "You'd better not bother my snake!"

Now I ask you, since he couldn't identify it for certain if he had to, and since he's only seen it once that I know of, how will he know if it's dead or not? Hmmm? I know that these creatures are supposed to serve some purpose but for the life of Job I don't know what that could be in my world. I honestly don't know if I have the gumption to get close enough to kill one, but I'd sure want to.

And he thinks I'll be working in the back yard this summer. Idn't he cute for thinkin' that?

(It's not really 13 feet long and 73 inches 'round ... at least I sure hope not)


  1. Ha ha ha, Louise!! What a great post! Thanks for the laugh! I'm so glad you are feeling so much better! Good luck with that hoe!

  2. Weezy... I'm with you, don't want to even know there's a snake out there! Must be a man thing, Tom doesn't like to kill spiders... they eat termites don't cha know? I love how Fred has taken to calling it "his snake", probably reminds him of down home, where they are plentiful!!!!
    Your yard is beautiful...try to relax while you enjoy it!!!

  3. Oh Louise, I laughed so hard when I read this! I HATE snakes of any variety and they all are at least 73 inches long in my sight!
    My brother recently moved to Florida where snakes are in abundance. He said he loves sitting on his patio watching the occasional snake go by....but he hasn't told his wife about them yet. Don't think I'll be visiting him soon!

  4. I HATE snakes. The thing would HAVE to die.

  5. Real funny story Louise.

    You 've got a 'pet ' snake now.If you want more i can send you some from our jungle.lol

    The yard looks real neat.
    Glad you both are doing good.

    I am waiting for your packet. Still has not arrived.