Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lord willilng, I will leaving tomorrow morning (Friday, May 16) for a trip to TN. My Mom and I will be taking my Uncle back to his home there. Thus, I won't be posting anything for at least a week. Please know I will be thinking of each of you while I'm gone.
May God bless and keep each of you!


  1. Have a safe and blessed trip. I'll be thinking of you, and we'll be looking for your next post!

  2. Will be praying for a safe trip for you and that the transition goes smoothly.
    Love you,

  3. Have a safe trip. Enjoy the scenery... Godspeed.

  4. Catching up with your news, as I 've had my hands full.
    Have a good trip. The Lord be with you.

  5. Miss you Weezy!
    We are leaving for Tennessee in the morning... be in touch next week, we'll be home on Tuesday.
    Love you!!!

  6. Hi, Louise! Just to say I miss you, and I hope you are having a safe trip with your mom and uncle. Hoping to hear from you soon.