Friday, May 30, 2008

In answer to Anonymous ... the baptism photo posted earlier is of my husband's Uncle and was taken in Floyd Co., KY.

I was born in Letcher County. There's something about your birth place ... it holds a special place in your heart regardless of where you now live. We moved from KY in 1952 but each time I see those hills it does something to my heart.

As a new creature in Christ the same holds true if we will but allow ourselves to realize that we have been given a second birth in Christ Jesus and our 'home' is now in Him. We need to spend more time learning about heaven and the new earth for that is where we will spend eternity. If our lives are 'hid with Christ in God', how blessed we are!


  1. Yes, there IS something special about your birthplace, Louise! I was born and grew up in the tropics of Africa, spent a few years in Canada, then moved to the Rocky Mountains of the U.S. Each place has been so different from the last and has a beauty all its own, but even now, far from where I was born, certain little sounds or smells or sights take me back in an instant.

    It's a little bit different thinking about our next home in heaven because we have never actually been there, but God gives us little glimpses of anticipation along our way here. And as much as we wouldn't choose them, sickness and pain and wickedness and heartache and loss all increase are longing to go there ...

  2. Thank you for answering my question on the baptizing. You were born right on the Virginia line. I'm in Hodgenville, LaRue County, half way between Louisville and Bowling
    Green and we still baptize in Green River and South Fork Creek. It was good to see those pictures. Thank you.


  3. our love of home here may just teaches us to long for our real home. beautiful and true words loo-eeth.

  4. Oh tis true sweetie..

    come join the Garden Tour
    I have the code for the banner
    on my blog now..

    I'm feeling better and I know
    each day will be even better!!
    and I'll get HAIR again too
    I can't wait.