Monday, April 14, 2008

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth dear friends, I've been busy with doctors appointments and dealing with fatigue the past couple of weeks. Then, I had an asthma attack Saturday evening and today feel like I've been beaten. It is amazing how the body reacts to severe coughing and trying to breathe. I am so very sore from my head to my feet and it hurts to move. I am, thank God, breathing a bit easier this morning. Every little improvement is a major blessing.
What amazes me is how I often discard the way my body feels. Looking back, I see that I should have slowed down two weeks ago. But I didn't. I kept on going, telling myself I would be okay as soon as I could rest. When sleeping 9 hours a night didn't bring that rest, I should have known there was something going on with my health. To be honest, I knew there was something going on, I just thought that since I had gone through Winter unscathed by sickness, I would surely get through this fatigue.
It's hard to come to terms with the fact I am not what I think I am, in more ways than one. It is difficult to admit I am weak and cannot fight off illness as some can. Yes, I've done well this Winter, but reality came to me on Saturday, showing me how frail this body really is.
Lord willing, I shall once again recover. Not sure how long it will take, and that's okay too. My times are in His hands.
Bless you all.


  1. My precious friend, I'm so sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I can really emotionally relate to what you are saying. I do believe that coming to terms with this time in our lives, and the fact that we are not as strong as our heart and mind wants to believe- can be very difficult. But, you are so right, our times are truly in Gods hands.
    Praying for you and loving you.

  2. I'm praying for a complete recovery for you, Louise. I hope you can get all the rest you need.

  3. I pray for a speedy recovery Dear friend... rest, rest and rest some more!!!
    Love you,

  4. Is everything OK? I miss you!