Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday's Happenings:

1. Baked homemade Scones

2. Ate homemade scones

3. Worked on lesson plan for tomorrow's children's class at church

4. Spent time with Stef & Erica this evening

5. Learned that Fred's hometown in Ohio has been declared a disaster area due to the snow and electrical outages. They were expecting 20 MORE inches of snow today.

6. Gave thanks that we don't live in that part of Ohio. We did once.

7. Turned all the clocks ahead one hour. Oh joy.

8. Checked in on all my blog family.

9. Had chicken stir-fry for dinner. Fred's cooking again. Yea!

10. Taking myself to bed. Good night all.


  1. That's a great list, especially #2.
    Loved the pictures of your beautiful yard...more so in the summer, but I think I may be a little beyond myself with winter already.
    Did I ever tell you what sweet grands you have? If not, I will apologize and tell you that they are indeed VERY precious!

  2. Love the new pictures of your Grandgirls!
    You are blessed with a man who cooks... my Tom hates to do anything in the kitchen except eat!!!